Youth Ministry


About Youth Group 

Teens who have received the sacrament of Confirmation are invited to participate in Mary Immaculate's Youth Group.

Youth Group meets on Thursday evenings for fellowship, games and deeper study of the Catholic faith. Regular outings include mission trips, fundraisers, Steubenville conferences and more. Beginning in 2017, members of the Youth Leadership Team will begin training in the Holy Spirit 101 program and can volunteer in MIC's intercessory prayer ministry.

Contact Us

Elsa Arratia
Youth Minister
972.243.7104 ex 43

When Do We Meet?

Thursday evenings at Mary Immaculate School 

Who Can Come?

Any teenager who has received the Sacrament of Confirmation

Can Adults Volunteer?

Yes! We only require that adults be 1. Over the age of 18 2. A practicing Catholic 3. Take and Pass the Safe Environment Certification. To learn more, email Elsa Arratia.