Has it been a while since we've seen you?


One of the best things about the Christmas holiday is that it tends to bring families back together, and to us here at Mary Immaculate, our Church family is no different. We are so grateful to God for leading you back home to us!

Whether this is your first time back to Church in one year or ten - or even your first time ever - know that you are always welcome here. 

We are a typical family. A hospital for the broken and the hypocrite run by broken hypocrites. 


Here are some opportunities for you to join us in worship this season!


December 04-12 | Our Lady of Guadalupe Novena

Dec. 4-11  6:30pm Rosario | 7pm Misa

Dec. 12  5am Manañitas | 6am Feast Day Misa | 8AM Feast Day Mass English



December 13 | ARISE Night of Healing

7:00pm | Sanctuary

Join us for a night of Adoration, Confession, and an opportunity to receive healing prayer from our trained prayer teams. For more information regarding ARISE Worship Ministry, go [here].


December 15 | Adoremos

7:00pm | Sanctuario


December 16 | The Shepherd's Café Farewell

7:00pm | Sanctuary
8:45pm | Parish Hall

Join us for a time of Adoration in the Sanctuary, followed by time for fellowship, coffee and a local Catholic artist in the Parish Hall.


December 17 | Teaching Mass

12:00pm Mass | Sanctuary

Want to learn more about the Mass? Why do we say the prayers we do? What is the priest doing? Attend the regularly scheduled noon Mass and hear more about the meaning behind the Mass.

empty manger.jpg

December 17 | Las Posadas (Español)

3:00pm-6:00pm | Parish Hall

Follow along with the story of Mary and Joseph as they journey throughout Bethlehem seeking a place to stay.


December 19 | Vespers and Caroling

7:00pm | Sanctuary

Vespers, evening prayer in the Liturgy of the Hours, has been traditionally prayed around the world by religious and laity for centuries. Join us as we pray together, preparing our hearts for the season of Christmas and coming of Christ.


December 20 | The Light is on for You - Confession

6:30pm | Chapel

Every parish through out the Diocese of Dallas will keep its light on in the confessional until the last confession is heard. For a further explanation of the Sacrament of Confession and other Church locations, click [here].