Suggestion Box / Caja de Sugerencia

About Suggestions:

We want to thank you, the parishioners of Mary Immaculate, for all your suggestions and questions.

Each month suggestions and questions from the Parish Suggestion Box (located in the narthex of the church) will be compiled. The suggestions and questions will be broken down into five main categories: Operational, Facilities and Space Related, Liturgical, Pastoral and School. Fr. Michael, in collaboration with the Parish Council, will provide the replies (school suggestions will be forwarded to the Principal of the school).

Queremos dareles las gracias a los parroquianos de Mary Inmaculado, para todas sus sugerencias y preguntas.

Cada mes sugerenciasy pregunta del Caja de Sugerencia de Parroquia (situado en el narthex de la iglesia) sern compilado. Las sugerencias y las preguntas sern divididas en cinco principales categoras: Operacional, las Facilidades y el Espacio Relacionaron, Litrgico, Pastoral y la Escuela. Fr. Michael, en la colaboracin con el Concilio de Parroquia, proporcionar las respuestas (sugerencias de escuela sern adelantadas al Director de la escuela).

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All suggestions are transcribed exactly as written | Todas sugerencias son transcritas exactamente como fueron escritas

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Previous Suggestions:

january 2019

Suggestion: Make new faces feel welcomed
Response:  Thank you for your suggestion. We will soon be launching a new ministry for families as greeters before and after Masses.

november 2018

Suggestion: (English Translation) Build a chapel for funeral vigil and don’t use the Adoration Chapel for funeral vigils. I don’t agree with vigils in the Adoration Chapel with the Blessed Sacrament which should be the only person to adore. A church and especially an Adoration Chapel should not have that happen.
Response:  It’s very rare that we will need to place a person in the chapel.

october 2018

Suggestion: Children’s place during 2:00 PM Mass
Response:  We are currently offering childcare at 10:45 AM Mass. Volunteers are needed to be successful with this service

Suggestion: Mejores sillas en la Misa y una area para los niños / Better chairs for Mass and a play area for the children
Response:  We are looking into this

Suggestion: Children’s play area at church
Response:  See above answers

Suggestion: Fr. Michael was asked if the school kitchen could be considered for updating and making it into a commercial grade kitchen? Maybe obtain an estimate?
Response:  We are forwarding this request to the facilities manager

september 2018

Suggestion: In the Intentions, could we pray for all the children in school?
Response:  The intention will be modified to include both public school and MIS students

Suggestion: There’s a leak in the ceiling in the chapel
Response:  The Facilities Manager will be notified


Suggestion: We should have confession BEFORE Mass so people can go to confession and then Mass. Many people miss Mass so they can go to confession Wed PM and Sat AM.
Response:  The council concluded that having confession before Mass would cut off many confessors because the priest would have to leave to prepare for Mass. The current confession hours allow for all seeking reconciliation to be heard. There are also many other opportunities for confession - ARISE has several priests available for confessions at their Night of Healing event and many other parishes have different days and hours than Mary Immaculate's.

Suggestion: Why was the Finance Council and St. Vincent DePaul not included under Parish Staff in the new bulletin?
Response:  The Finance Council was accidentally bumped off after adding the new Deacon. It has been corrected

Suggestion: Is there any chance we could get automatic opening doors at the side entrance of the Church?
Response:  This suggestion will be forwarded to Facilities Management

Suggestion: Organ music is often too loud and drowns out the choir and parishioners, especially at the end of Mass.
Response:  This suggestion will be passed on to the Music Director



Suggestion: More homilies by Fr. Michael. I’m always disappointed come to service at which he officiates but does not give the homily.
Response:  The second weekend of the month is “Deacon Weekend” in which the deacons preach the homily.

Suggestion: Why is it when one is in Adoration the microphone and music volume so loud? There is no silence!
Response: There are either music lessons or practice conducted in the sanctuary.

Suggestion: Since the debt is paid off, could the parish invest in increased security for the church and perhaps training in safety and security for the staff and ushers? It’s important for parishioners to feel safe in church. In light of so many recent tragedies with violence in churches, do we have a crisis plan and security measures?
Response: We will be consulting the local police departments for methods of training available.

Suggestion: Replace burned out lights.
Response: Forwarded to facilities manager.

august 2017

Suggestion: The soda can collection wagon needs attention. It is running over
Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We will forward your comment to facilities.

Suggestion: To whom it may concern, just a constructive critique or suggestion. When there are special events like 3 year old presentations or Confirmations that need reserved seating, I believe we should respect and assist the regular brothers and sisters. Please place blue chairs out to encourage better community.
Response: Thank you for your suggestion. Chairs are provided for overflow during high attendance Masses.

 Suggestion: Is it possible to get a secure drop box to place checks, registrations, small items, etc. in during off-office hours? Sometimes it’s inconvenient to come to the office during regular hours. Thanks
Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We will forward your suggestion to facilities.

MAY 2017

Suggestion: Replace light out over the altar, but be careful doing it! (May 3)
Suggestion: About that burned out light over the altar, what's the visitors going to think? Peace (May 7)

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. Father Michael appreciates it brought to his attention and will contact facilities. 


Suggestion: My name is (name removed) and I am an usher at the 7:30am Mass on Sundays. The past Sunday (Feb 12) we had one of our parishioners faint because he became too warm. He sat in the last pew on the Sacred Heart side of the church. We took him out to get fresh air and he recovered. I also received comments from some other parishioners about being too warm. When I asked about turning the thermostat down I found out that we had no control. With the summer months coming up I am concerned that we may experience further undue incidents and would like you to look into a solution. Please send me a copy of any decision you make at email address above. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Response: Thank you for your concern for our parishioners. Father Michael will contact you personally about the temperature at Mass.

November 2016

Suggestion: The suggestion I think is to have more arise prayers..

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. The council interpreted your suggestion as a request for additional ARISE ministry meetings. Father Michael will forward the suggestion to the Director of the ARISE ministry. 

September 2016

Suggestion: At Mass, during the Prayers of the Faithful would you add Firefighters to "For the Police and Military..." Thank you.

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. However, we are already praying for our Firefighters in the Prayers of the Faithful.  We will continue to keep these first responders in our prayers. 

Suggestion: Please pray for firefighters as well as police and military during Prayers of the Faithful.

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. Again, we are already including firefighters in our Prayers of the Faithful. We will continue to keep them all in our prayers.

August 2016

Suggestion: Please look into all the statues in church. I saw a big cob web & spider (black spider) on our blessed Mother statue. On the Sacred heart of Jesus statue in the church, there is a lot of cobwebs. There is dust, please clean the statues & let's pay attention.

Response: Thank you for your observations and suggestion. We try to keep our church facility as clean as possible and have made sure the statues are included in our cleaning schedule. 


Suggestion: Is there any way you could train people to quit spitting their gum out on the church floor, and entry ways? There are so many black blobs leading up to the church and now they are showing up in the pews. It's a filthy unsanitary thing to do.

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We will have the the priests mention the gum or have the lectors mention about gum. We would, of course, hope that almost everyone already knows you should not spit your gum out or leave it in the pews. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Suggestion: Please list the name of our seminarian in the bulletin - we've just met him once and can't remember his name.... or when he is part of the Mass, have the lector say his name after the priest & deacon.

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We will not have another seminarian for another year, so we will try to announce the new seminarian's name after he arrives.


Suggestion: Please put a pad of paper by the suggestion box - large or small, no matter.

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We try to keep index cards on the suggestion box. We will check more often to make sure they are available.

Suggestion: Please keep some bottles of water, a few sodas (w/sugar) and granola bars in the room next to the sacristy for people who feel faint/sick/diabetic low sugar during weekend Masses. Inform the ushers of what to do to assist the sick. 

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We generally keep emergency supplies available and our ushers have been trained on what to do when someone is feeling ill. Perhaps the supplies have not been restocked; we will check and rectify the situation immediately.

Suggestion: A man visiting from Yuma, AZ, stopped by our Knights table and said when he called the website number to check on Mass times on 6/19 it didn't give an option for Mass times, just a recorded message that told him to dial the number for the extension of his party-which he didn't know. He suggested having an option for Mass times on the 7104 recorded message. God Bless! Tim Dougherty

Response: Thank you for letting us know of the omission of mass times on our recording.  This will be corrected immediately.

May 2016

Suggestion: Dear Father, Could you please have groups using the adoration chapel post something on the outside to let people know? One evening I opened the door on a Hispanic group having a prayer meeting and felt very awkward. I went in since everyone had seen me (since the podium is right in front of the door) but since i don't speak Spanish, it was very uncomfortable. I don't mind them praying there but I would not have walked in. I try and check through the side window but the church was already locked. Or put a small area in the etched glass so we can see if a group is in there. Also, since the church is locked after a certain time, could you put holy water fonts at the chapel door? Thank you!

Response: Thank you for your suggestions. There are plans already underway for the Holy Water Font.  We also will see to it that a schedule of group activities will be posted at the entrance to the chapel.


Suggestion: I am aware that the cost of envelopes for parishioners is expensive, however, in order to encourage contributions throughout ones' lifetime, I believe it would be advantageous to have envelopes for school age children, say starting around 3rd grade. When I was a growing up, this was the norm. Small amounts were given, but the practive of giving has followed me through the years. Churches cannot run on prayers alone.

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We understand the benefits of what you are suggesting.  Your recommendation will be taken under consideration as part of an overall program of how to include children in all appropriate aspects of Parish life and how to make the Parish more child-friendly. 

April 2016

Suggestion: I would like to suggest the following: In 2 phases, install real candles before the Virgin, Christ, and the various Saints.  Benefits: We as humans respond well to symbols (water, vestments, incense, etc). These work together to strengthen our experience of the divine.  Real candles are a traditionals symbol and will complement the others. Cost Factor:  If done in stages, the cost will be spread out. Candle purchases will also defray the costs. I can also speak to the Knights about sponsorship. Signed

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. After much discussion during the parish council meeting, and safety concerns with flames being present in the main sanctuary, a compromise suggestion was made to add votive candle stands, with an arrangement of tiered candles, to either side of the permanent monstrance in the chapel. Cost and avaiabiity is being researched now.


Suggestion: A suggestion was brought forward by a council member based on a comment from a parishioner: add artwork to the chapel to foster a more prayerful atmosphere.

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. After discussion, council members felt that the addition of votive candles to the chapel would have the same impact and would therefore perhaps be sufficient to address the parishioner's concern.

February 2016

Suggestion: Please put the Blessed Sacrament where it was. There is so much noise every day in the Church. Real adorers need silence! People forget who is really present in the Altar or in the Blessed Sacrament.

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We agree wholeheartedly with your observations. Please be informed that we are in the process of returning the chapel to an Adoration chapel while retaining the tabernacle in the main sanctuary. Please stay tuned and stay patient. God bless!

November 2015

Suggestion: Please refrain from gathering the collection until after the body and blood are no longer exposed.

Response: Thank you for the reminder.  We will discuss this with our ushers.

October 2015

Suggestion: A suggestion to be placed in the bulletin:  "Be thoughtful, be silent, be reverent; for this is the House of God. Before the Mass, speak to the Lord; during the Mass, let the Lord speak to you; after the Mass, speak to one another."

Response: Thank you for this suggestion.  We believe these words would be appropriate to put in our parish bulletin. Please look for it in the coming weeks.

September 2015

Suggestion: Father Michael I do not get why the people that come to adore the Blessed Sacrament talk SOO LOUD prior to their meeting. If I am praying in the chapel I can not even pray.  Why is that contradiction? It is hard to pray there is so much noise, inside and outside, both the Church (meeting) with people that serve, and outside the chapel by those groups. All groups.

Response: Thank you for your observation.  All parishioners are encouraged to respect those praying anywhere in the church or chapel.  We will remind our parish ministry groups to note when there are parishioners in private prayer while in the chapel.

Suggestion: My suggestion is to replace the gigantic Raffle banner with more discreet, smaller banners for each table skirt where raffle tickets are sold.  While we all know that the raffle generates important revenue for the parish, the huge banner in the Narthex for three months makes it looklike a bazaar.  It is the wrong scale for a church -- it is the size of a gorilla, where we could use a monkey.  Furthermore, the tripod legs of the banner are tripping hazards and are a liabiity to the property. I have tripped over those legs twice recently, but luckily I was not injured.  Please restore the dignity of the church by getting rid of the giant commercial advertisement. Thank you for your consideration.

Response: Thank you for your suggestion.  We will pass your concerns on to the director of administration, who heads up the festival.

January 2015

Suggestion: For future construction projects that impact parking, please consider the timing so it does not coincide with cold weather and super-busy church seasons such as the Guadalupe Novena and Christmas.  Even though people did use the Senior Center parking and the school parking lot, there were unsafe situations in the church parking lot during that time because of the gridlock and congestion. Someone could easily have been injured.

Response: Thank you for your observation.  We were trying to begin construction as soon as possible.  The timing was not preferable we agree.  The construction should be completed by the end of February.

Suggestion: Just wanted to write in that I absolutely LOVED the children's choir singing Christmas music in the Narthex greeting all who were coming for the Christmas concert.  I strongly suggest if we can, have their beautiful angelic voices & spirits continue every year forward. Thank you I loved it!  Signed

Response: Thank you.  We will forward your comments to the music director for future consideration.

Suggestion: Please ask the bishop to assign another priest to our parish when Msr. Sagra retires. Mary Immaculate Parish is too big for one priest. Thank you.

Response: Thank you. The Bishop is aware of our size - please pray for more priests!

Suggestion: Please inform extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist who are ill with cold or flu to not distribute communion or consecrated blood of Christ. This happened at weekend mass and exposed others to their illness with cough and spreading illness to children and senior citizens.

Response: Thank you for the reminder.  We will send a message to all extraordinary ministers of communion to be aware of their health when serving.

Suggestion: Father Michael, thank you for your beautiful singing. We look forward to it every Christmas and every week.

Response: Thank you from Fr. Michael.

Suggestion: We did not enjoy the emphasis on an individual soloist at the Christmas concert. Please go back to focusing on the choirs and not outside performers.

Response: Thank you. We will pass your comments on to the music director.

Suggestion: Thank you for the beautiful concerts in English and Spanish. The Spanish soloist was wonderful and very reverent.

Response: Thank you. We will pass your comments on to the music director.

Suggestion: Several suggestions were received commenting on appropriate attire at functions/masses in the church.

Response: Thank you. We have passed your comments on to the appropriate ministry heads. (Editor's comment:  These suggestions were modified from their original text so as not to focus attention on any one individual but to remind all parishioners to be modest in appearance and charitable in critique of others)

September 2014

Suggestion: Yo pido por favor en el festival de la feria la musica la censuren y sea religiousa (I ask that you please censure the music and play religious music at the festival).

Response: Gracias por su sugerencia. Tenemos una gran variedad de artistas que tocan diferentes estilos de musica incluyendo musica religiousa, que tocan durente el festival.  Hacemos esto para que todos disfruten del festival. (Thank you for your suggestion. We do have a wide variety of artists playing different styles of music, including religious music, during the festival. We do this in hope that everyone enjoys the festival.)

August 2014

Suggestion: It would be nice to have a bench outside the side door, so those who are handicapped could sit when waiting for their ride.

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. After the canopy is completed, we will look into the feasibility of a bench.

June 2014

Suggestion: A big thank you to K of C for the Ten Commandments and Beatitudes!

Response: Thank you! We are also very appreciative of the monument donated to Mary Immaculate Church from our local Knights of Columbus chapter!

Suggestion: We had family visiting us on Memorial Day weekend. Thank you to the ushers for making them feel welcome at the 12:00 Mass. And thank you to the singers. The music was beautiful.

Response: We are happy our church family helped make your own family feel welcomed. We will let the choir know of your comments about the beautiful music.

Suggestion: Regarding Fr. Michaels announcement about dress code for Mass - this needs to apply to lectors and singers. Short skirts on the altar are not appropriate.

Response: Thank you. Fr. Michael has already addressed the dress code with the Extraordinary Communion Ministers and Lectors. He will inform the choir director to remind the choirs of the appropriate dress code..

Suggestion: It would look nice to illuminate the new ten commandments monument. Thank you.

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We like the idea and will check if it is feasible in that area of the courtyard.

March 2014

Suggestion: Dear Father: Im writing this to find out if Mass could be started at 4:30 in the afternoon instead of 5:00. The reason is I have to come to Mass but have to leave early as Im not able to drive in the dark. Thank you.

Response: Thank you for being a faithful member of our community. It is okay to leave Mass early when it gets dark.Perhaps one of our earlier Masses may accommodate your needs. Changing Mass times impacts many extracurricular activities in the afternoons.

Suggestion: I am pleading with you, to remind people that we do notsocialize in the church. I can not believe the disrespect or ignorance re: the presence of our Lord (and the respect He deserves). Thank you (signed) This is the 2nd time Ive ask you to address this concern/problem please.

Response: Fr. Michael will be contacting you in reference to your concern.

January 2014

Suggestion: It seems that some of the readers could use some help or guidance to do a better job with the scripture readings. Id bet some of them have not even looked at the reading until the morning, they open the book to read aloud when at the lectern. Proper reading of the punctuation marking can make a critical difference in the meaning of the message. Excessive pauses or breaks in the readings or inappropriate pauses or failure to follow the punctuation as written is distracting at best. Practice, training critiquing of readers would be very helpful.

Response: Thank you for your observations. Fr. Michael will forward your suggestion to the leader of the lectors.

Suggestion: To not be that cold.

Response: Although we are not certain this suggestion pertains to the heating in the church, we will monitor the temperature during the Masses. The thermostat has been raised a couple degrees since the temperature was mentioned in a prior months suggestion.

Suggestion: Cant find youth group meeting times on the Mary Immaculate website.

Response: Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will pass this need on to the Youth Group coordinator.

Suggestion: What did the facilities manager say in June about the request for kneelers on the last pews in the Eucharistic Chapel so people can kneel while waiting in line for Reconciliation? (Request posted online June 2013)

Response: Thank you for following up. The facilities manager did say no. The decision was made to not add kneelers in order to keep the line for Reconciliation uniformly organized. It is possible to kneel on the floor when in the line if preferred.

Suggestion: Please can we have a poor box for change in the narthex?

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. Feel free to donate in the candle offering boxes or in the suggestion box if you just need a repository for your change. Or consider donating to St. Vincent de Paul. In the meantime, we will consider your suggestion.

Suggestion: Where are the canopies? Churches down the street have them??

Response: This project is in the discussion stage. The Pastor is meeting with the architects this month.

Suggestion: I have noticed that since I no longer get the envelopes I miss the Diocesan collections.My suggestion is to continue to take the 2nd collection for debt reduction except for those weeks when the Diocese has a special collection. For those weeks make the 2nd collection the Diocesan collection. This is what other churches that have a debt or building 2nd collection do. It would not decrease the debt reduction significantly, especially in light of the large bequests that the church has recently received. It would also help to put the upcoming special collections in the bulletin and to announce them a week before. The only ones I noticed being announced last year were Catholic Charities (a special favorite of the bishop), the priests retirement collection and the priests Christmas gifts. Thank you for considering this.

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. One of the reasons we upgraded to our new online donation/tithing site is that every envelope in the envelope packet is described on the site giving parishioners the opportunity to check whichever weekly and special contributions they wish to support. We suggest signing up on the sight even if it is only to be able to look ahead at the envelope contribution campaigns coming up.

More From the Archives...

November 2013

Suggestion: Canopy??

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We anticipate addressing this need in the next two years.

October 2013


Suggestion: Wouldnt it be more inclusive if different members of the congregation brought the gifts at offertory instead of the same friends ofushers repeatedly - ? We are one Body. This happens at all english masses. (Unsigned)

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We will pass your suggestionon to the head usher who coordinates this ministry

August 2013


Suggestion: Please annouince chapel of Divine Mercy Only 10 Minutes. If we can talk about money cant we take a few minutes and talk about Chapel of Divine Mercy.

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We will look into making an announcement.


Suggestion: Father Michael; May we suggest not to keep the church so cold. Several people have been complaining that are getting sick. Could you please increase the temperture a little bit.

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We keep the thermostat at a temperature which has been determined to accomodate theneeds of a congregation in a structure the size of our church. There are also parts ofour worship area which are warmer than others, especially the altar area and the choir area. We would suggest that you plan on the church being cool at every weekendMass andbring a sweater or dress a little warmer.


June 2013


Suggestion: Thank you Father for the Memorial Day Mass!

Response: You are welcome.

Suggestion: Could you please install kneelers on the back pews in the Eucharistic Chapel? That way one could kneel when preparing for the sacrament of Reconciliation without losing ones place in line.

Response: This is a great suggestion. We will have our facilities manager look into adding kneelers in our chapel.

Suggestion: Could we have training for adults who would like to be altar servers?

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. Yes, if you would like to serve at daily Mass, please approach the priest to volunteer and discuss further training.

Suggestion: Please continue to upgrade the sound system

Response: Thank you. We do have plans to upgrade the sound system again, allowing each microphone to be individually adjusted.

Suggestion: Thank you for offering options for Sunday mass. Sometimes we like the peace and serenity of the noon Mass. Other times we enjoy the energy of the contemporary Mass. And now and then the formality of the 10:30 mass feels just right. Its great that we have these choices available.

Response: Thank you.

May 2013


Suggestion: May we contribute a pipe for the organ as we did keys for the piano?

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. Our new church is still missing some of the final touches that were planned when it was built. One of these items is the pipes for the organ. As part of the Diocesan Capital Campaign, the pipes are being addressed as one of the cases for the parish. We hope to be able to add the organ pipes to our church in the next few always optional

April 2013

Suggestion: Father, please keep politics out of this church. I do not approve of Sundays reminders and approaches by solicitors

Response: The recent voter registration drive was a public service for the parishioners wthout any political bias

February/March 2013


Suggestion: Stop making everything about money!!

Response: During this past month we did have the Bishops Annual Appeal. Other than Fr. Michaels State of the Communion homily, we do not focus on money or solicit funds regularly. A parish our size will have fund raisers, such as raffle tickets and tamales, but these of course are always optional.


Suggestion: Look into providing a cry room for families who want to join Mass and not feel guilty about having a young baby.

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. As a courtesy to others, we recommend parents with restless or crying children take them into the narthex. This will prevent these children from becoming a distraction to those around them, or to the priest. The narthex has speakers that allow the mass to be heard, so nothing will be missed. We respectfully ask to please refrain from using the chapel as a cry room for babies or play room for older children.The narthex with its large glass doors and speakers was built with babies/young children in mind.

The following suggestions were submitted in Spanish:

Las sugerencias siguientes fue sometida en espaol:

Sugerencia: Los servidores de altar y los acomodadores deberan vestir vestidos o falda y no pantalones por respeto al altar.

Suggestion: Altar helpers and servers should wear dresses or skirts not pants for respect

Respuesta: Gracias por su observacin nosotros le traeremos esto a la atencin del consejo del ministerio hispano.

Response: Thank you for your observation. We will bring this to the attention of the coordinator of Hispanic ministries.

Sugerencia: Los acomodadores necesitan ayudar a llenar las bancas vacas durante las misas de espaol ya que hay muchos asientos vacos y mucha gente de pie.

Suggestion: Ushers need to help fill seats that are empty at Spanish masses. Lots of empty seats and a lot of people standing.

Respuesta: Gracias por su observacin, pasaremos su comentario al consejo del ministerio hispano.

Response: Thank you for your observation. We will pass your comment to the coordinator of Hispanic ministries.

Sugerencia: En la misa de 8:45am. Por favor los acomodadores necesitan usar falda en lugar de pantalones por respeto al altar. Gracias

Suggestion: Please the ushers need to wear skirts instead of pants for respect to altar. Thank you.

Respuesta: Gracias por su observacin, pasaremos su comentario al consejo del ministerio hispano.

Response: Thank you for your observation. We will pass your comment to the coordinator of Hispanic ministries.

January 2013


Suggestion: Thank you for the new 10:30 dress code. Please suggest it for all Masses.

Response: Thank you! The more formal dress code and liturgy at the 10:30 Sunday Mass has been received very well. At this time, there are no plans to do so for other Masses. Feel free to dress up at any of the Masses.

Suggestion: Why is the church decorated for Christmas so early? What about Advent decorations instead?

Response: Thank you for you suggestion. We will relay your comments to the Arts Environment Committee. We do not turn on the lights on the trees, put up the poinsettias or put up the Nativity until Christmas Eve.

Suggestion: Fr. Michael please visit the sick and elderly Catholics that supported MIS during their earlier lives. They probably need final rites and perhaps confession.

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. Msgr. Sagra visits the sick and elderly as do many of our sick and homebound ministry members. To get someone on the visitation schedule, please call the church office.


Suggestion: Please fix front door. Constantly stands open. Bottom needs work done to it. God bless

Response: Thanks to the Knights of Columbus, the door has now been repaired!

Suggestion: Thank you for the front door, its beautiful WOW. God bless

Response: Thank you to the Knights of Columbus for repairing and re-staining our front door!

Suggestion: Please post on the Churchs website information concerning upcoming Holy Days of Obligation along with Mass times. Since these are sometimes moved to the nearest Sunday and sometimes not, it would really help cut down on the confusion. Ive had to go to the St. Annes website on different occasions to get this information. For example, I tried to look up Dec 8th but there was nothing posted nor was the latest bulletin available to review. Again, St. Annes website provided the needed info but I was still searching all over for Mass times on the MIC website. Finally found under Mass Celebrant Schedule. Thank you (signed)

Response: Thank you for your good suggestion. We will make sure to clarify holy day Masses

The following suggestion was submitted in Spanish:

Las sugerencias siguientes fue sometida en espaol:

Sugerencia: Yo se que no tengo desicho a opinar y sin embargo lo hago porque siento la necesidad de hacerlo: Yolinea que toda la gente en plena misa de testimonios de la ayuda que reciben de Dios y que todas seamos realmente como hermanos preocupandonos uno y otros de toda esa gente que necesita tanto ayuda spiritual, como ayuda material y en ese caso hacer colectar silsil caso y en ese momenta entregarselas a los personos indicados; no sin anter hacer oracion por ellas. Amemonos unos a otros es el mandato Divino. Tenemos que ser comprensevos unos con otros he interesamos por problemos y tartar de ayudar en lo que podamos por Amor a Dios nuestor Padre eternal. Los amo hermanos

Respuesta: Gracias. Por favor ponga sus peticiones en el libro de intensiones que esta en el vestbulo. Lo mantenemos en nuestras oraciones. Gracias.

Suggestion: I know that I dont have the right to an opinion but I feel the need to do this: I suggest that everyone who attends mass should stand up and give their testimony of all the help received from God, and that we are really like brothers; concerned about each others spiritual and material needs and in this case make a collection, if necessary, and in that moment give the monies collected to the person in need, not without our prayers. Love each other is a Divine command. We mush understand each other and be interested with each others problems and try to help out within our possibilities for the Love of God, our eternal Father. I love my brothers.

Response: Thank you. Please put your personal prayer intentions in the prayer request book in the narthex. We will keep you in our prayers.

November 2012


Suggestion: Please ask the lectors to try to learn how to pronounce the names during the prayers of the faithful.

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We are currently having the church secretary spell the names phonetically on the lectors prayers of the faithful document. Well continue to make the lectors mindful of proper pronunciation via our monthly communication letter.


Suggestion: Today is your lucky day, Im in the mood to write. The door of the front entry of the church is separating at the bottom. It has been this way for several months!! Where is the repair people hiding out? It stands open at least from 7:00AM to 6 PM, these hours I witness myself! The only way it will close is to pull it shut!! Next: Broken tiles inside the doors in the little chapel on the left side. Three as a matter of fact! Then I saw a couple more near the alter of the worship area. Faceing the altar, the left side. So the only way not to have complaints is to fix whats wrong, and believe you me, Im not going away!! Also some paint touch up in a few areas would be good. Oh by the way, I will be donateing some index cards soon, for the helpful hint box!!

Response: Thank you for your suggestions. We are currently trying to get bids on repairing or replacing the front door. We have been letting the church settle over these past years, so we may have more tiles crack. We will wait until the church is about 10-years old, then replace all the cracked tiles as required (unless there is a dangerously broken tile). The paint touch-ups generally occur during the summer months and are ongoing. We will get some more index cards for the suggestion box thanks!

Suggestion: The front door, coming into the church, needs repair badly, dont just let it go and ruin??You also need suggestion cards to write on??

Response: Thank you for your suggestion please see above response. We will get some more index cards for the suggestion box thanks!

July - September 2012


Suggestion: We are lucky to have priests who are good singers. It would be nice to have them sing more parts of the mass like Father John S. did when he visited recently.

Response: Thank you! Well pass this on to the priests and to Father John.

Suggestion: The 3 Sundays in a row of Taste See songs were interesting. The singers did a great job. The jazz version might be more suitable for the youth mass.

Response: Thank you for your comments. We will pass them along to our music ministry.

Suggestion: A mother was nursing her baby during Sunday mass. Would it be appropriate to offer a place to do this in private?

Response: Thank you for your concern for this mother and her baby. We feel confident to leave it to the discretion of the mother as to where she wants to feed her baby.

Suggestion: Dear Fr. Michael, We should have a Mass on National holidays so people can come to thank God for all the blessings we have in this country. Thanks for all you do for us.

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. However, the only secular holiday on which we celebrate mass is Thanksgiving.


Suggestion: Thanks for the Ministries mass and potluck. It was a nice event.

Response: You are welcome!



April - June 2012


Suggestion: Great idea to have the youth acting as greeters and handing out bulletins. What a great way to get them involved! They add a lot of warmth and positive spirit.

Response: Thank you! Our youth add such energy and enthusiasm to our community! We are proud and excited they wish to participate in our parish life.

Suggestion: Sat 5:00pm Mass 4/14/12. Sorry to say the responsorial psalm being sung was terrible. Please if possible just say the words. The raised eyebrows all around spoke volumes. Hopefully visitors will come back.

Response: Thank you for your comments. We will pass them along to our music ministry.

Suggestion: Thank you! Much nicer music Saturday 4-21-12 chanting the responsorial is more peaceful.

Response: Thank you. We will pass your comments along to our music ministry.

Suggestion: Please for the celebrant to audibly announce at mass after the Sanctus The Eucharistic Prayer that will be used. Prayer #1, #2, #3, #4 so we can follow! Thank you.

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. However, the mass does not allow for an announcement at this time.

Suggestion: A dress code please

Suggestion: A Mass Dress Code Protestant men wear suit tie to church

Suggestion: Say something about the DRESS CODE. Protatence dont wear cut offs- jeans flip flops!!

Response: Thank you. The dress code has been addressed previously. Please see responses below to prior suggestions about dress code.

Suggestion: Get a huge bulletin board so parishioners can network: babysitters, pet watcher, room-mates, jobs/cars, 4 sale, etc

Response: Thank you. Our bulletin, as well as those who market in our bulletin, serves as a means for networking opportunities. It is church policy that we do not market commercial services.

Suggestion: So nice to hear Fr. Andy sing the preface! Thanks, Father!

Response: Thank you. We will pass your compliment along to Msgr. Andy.

Suggestion: Thank you to the deacons for their faithful service which makes it possible for our priests to manage the needs of this huge parish.

Response: Thank you! We will pass this compliment along to the Deacons.

Suggestion: The Holy Week masses didnt have much energy this year. The prayers seemed different. The choir seemed unsure of the music. Were the changes due to the new Roman Missal? Cell phones kept going off. What a shame that people wont turn off their phones in church.

Response: Thank you for your observations. We will pass this along to the music minister. We will also continue to make announcements before the mass to remind the congregation to turn off cell phones.

Suggestion: Please adjust fiscal reporting in the annual report to include the School subsidy.

Response: Thank you. Great idea. We will consider this for our next annual report; sorry for the oversight.

Suggestion: Thank you, Deacon Phil, for an excellent homily on Mothers Day.

Response: Thank you. We will pass your compliment along to Deacon Phil.


Suggestion: Calendar of events in bulletin please! If one person was in charge of posting (bulletin Missalette) a calendar of events - participation would rise, donations perhaps would rise, community would be stronger

All heads of organizations/groups can turn in their times/events to the calendar person in charge (by end of week) Easy for everyone

Response: Thank you for your very good suggestion regarding a calendar of parish events. We will look into adding a tool like this on our website. (Update July 2012 in fact, we have added a Parish Calendar to our website. Check it out!)

Suggestion: Brighter lights in chapel for reading Bible/missal

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We will refer this to the facilities manager.


Suggestion: August 12th 2012, marks the 800th year anniversary of Saint Clares death. What are we gonna do?

Response: We will ask for her intercessions and remember her in our prayers.

Suggestion: Miscellaneous comments received in the suggestion box:

- Thanks for the tour

- The new bulletin cover is beautiful

- I was here for a wedding; love this church

The following suggestions were submitted in Spanish:

Las sugerencias siguientes fue sometida en espaol:

Sugerencia: Padre Michael Forge la proxima vez que le toque a usted ofrece la Misa de 8:45am podra usted predicar la Omilia. Gracias.

Respuesta: Gracias por su sugerencia. Padre Michael, va periodicamente continuar a predicar en las Misas de Espanol

Suggestion: Father Michael Forge the next time you offer the mass of 8:45am could you please preach the Homily. Thank you.

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. Fr. Michael will continue to periodically preach the Spanish language masses.

Sugerencia: Por favor pdanle a la gente que guarden silencio durante la misa que no estn platicado. Gracias

Respuesta: Gracias por su sugerencia, tenemos el anuncio recordando a la comunidad antes de cada Misa.

Suggestion: Please ask the people to try and be silent during mass and not be talking. Thank you.

Response: Thank you. We have an announcement of this nature at the beginning of Mass

Sugerencia: Queremos a (un miembro del personal de la parroquia) de recepcionista por favor Padre Michael. Gracias se que nos va agodar.

Respuesta: Gracias por su sugerencia pero no dirigimos agendas personales.

Suggestion: We want (a member of the Parish Staff) as receptionist please Father Michael. We know you will accept.

Response: We do not address personnel issues.

Sugerencia: Los que sirven misa Ingles Domingo 5:00 se ven y hablan en voz alta temprano antes de la misa sin respeto a los que llegamos a orar! Dgales que hablen en voz baja ya que no estn en un mercado.

Respuesta: Gracias por su sugerencia. Continuaremos hacienda anuncios.

Suggestion: For the ones that serve in English mass on Sundays at 5:00pm mass. They talk loud early before Spanish mass without respect for those of us that come early to mass to pray! Tell them to talk quietly that they are not at a market.

Response: Thank you for the reminder. We will continue to make periodic announcements



March 2012


Suggestion: Have a bigger choir of children

Response: We have tried starting a childrens choir in the past but received minimal response. Thomas works with the schools choir.


Suggestion: Speakers in the bathrooms.

Response: If there is a need to step out of the sanctuary during Mass, there are speakers in the Narthex, in the meeting room and in the brides room. (Be sure to locate the speaker volume controls if you use these rooms; they are located on the wall) When the building was designed, the building committee evidently decided this was not appropriate or needed.

Suggestion: Please put bench front older people need some where to wait rides rest walking from parking lot into church. Thanks Fr.

Response: Please refer to previous answer in Suggestion Box from October, 2011. Thank you.


Suggestion: #1 Please Please Please Have Deacon practice learn to pronounce the names of the people to be spoken on special petitions/prayers - #2 Does anyone, or do the priests preview the message the Deacon prepares for his homily or is he given free reign? Priests should have to listen to Deacons entire homily just like the congregation has to sit through it and suffer too. #3 According to the Deacons homily Sunday, Donating blood at the blood drive is the same as Christ shedding his blood for us! Is this true?! For real?!!

Response: #1: Thank you for your suggestion. We will ask the church secretary to spell each name phonetically. #2: The deacons are given Faculties to preach by the Bishop which indicates that they have been formed and prepared to preach. #3: Thank you for your comments. We will forward them to the Deacons.

The following suggestions were submitted in Spanish:

Las sugerencias siguientes fue sometida en espaol:

Sugerencia: Necesitamos un sacerdote hispano que entienda nuestro idioma y costumbres. Alguien como el Padre Jess de Juan Diego. Se Que no hay Sacerdotes hispanos per lo necesitamos para que no se baya la gente a otras parroquias.

Respuesta: Gracias por su sugerencia. Por favor seguimos en oracin por vocaciones. Padre Michael entiende las necesidades de la parroquia y ha trido a dos Diconos a Maria Immaculada, Diacono Eliazar Escalona y Diacono Martin Armendriz para ayudar y asistir con las misas en espaol

Suggestion: We need a Hispanic priest one that understands our language and our customs. We need someone like Father Jesus of Juan Diego. I know their are no Hispanic priest, but we need one so the people do not go to other parishes.

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. And please let us keep praying for vocations. Father Michael understands the need of the community and has brought two Hispanic deacons to Mary Immaculate, Deacon Eliasar Escalona and Deacon Martin Armendariz to help and assist with the Spanish Masses.


January 2012


Suggestion: Could we please have a booklet in the pews with the music for the new mass? Some of us need to see the music in order to learn it, especially the Gloria.

Response: Great idea! In fact, your suggestion prompted our music ministry to create a handout for the pews of the new music and this idea has already been implemented. We appreciate your suggestion!

Suggestion: Thank you for having Father Jonathan in residence. We enjoy his sermons and his sense of humor.

Response: Thank you! We are fortunate to have Fr. Jonathan assisting our parish. We will pass your comments on to him.

Suggestion: Piano too loud cant hear choir.

Response: We will pass your comments on to the Music Ministry.May we suggest another area of the church in which to sit?

Suggestion: Could we have a Reconciliation Service during the day sometime for people who work evenings and Saturdays or who cant drive at night?

Response: Thank you for your concerns about Mary Immaculates reconciliation schedule. Since we have only two priests, there are only so many times we can schedule confessions around their schedules. We offer a few solutions to your dilemma:

1. In this situation, you can always call the office to make an appointment with one of our priests

2. Perhaps one of the parishes in our area offers more flexible scheduling for you. Here are links to several of those parishes:

St. Catherine (Carrollton) -

St. Ann (Coppell) -

St. Rita (Dallas) -

San Juan Diego (Dallas) -

Prince of Peace (Plano) -

3. Please pray for vocations

Suggestion: Father Michael, We would like to suggest that the practice of having welcoming handshakes at the beginning of Sunday masses be ended. We feel it disrupts ones preparation for mass and is redundant with the peace offering made later. We also feel the majority of our fellow parishioners would be in agreement with this suggestion.Your consideration of this issue will be appreciated.

Response: Thank you for making us aware of your feelings on this issue. Fr. Michael will be contacting you to discuss your concerns.

Suggestion: The Amen Alleluia song on Nov 20 was very nice!

Response: Thank you! We will pass your comments on to the Music Ministry.

Suggestion: What a nice surprise to have Father Satkowski celebrate the 10:30 mass for the first Sunday of Advent. He is a great singer, and the music was beautiful. The orchestra and bells were extra special.

Response: Thank you! We were fortunate to have Father Satkowski and his voice that Sunday. We will pass your comments on to him and to the Music Ministry.

Suggestion: Father Michael, thanks for getting us ready for the new translation. Your explanation was very good, and it was helpful to practice together during your homily the weekend before the change took place.

Response: Thank you!

Suggestion: Very disappointing At one of the Christmas services, an elderly couple came in after mass started. One had a difficult time walking. There were plenty of seats available in the handicapped section at the front. However, someone (I assume an usher) stopped them and directed them to a pew towards the back which was nearly full. One of them struggled to climb over the people on the end (who declined to move over) and the other remained standing until someone got up and offered a seat.

Response: We are sorry to hear that this couple had to struggle to find their seat and certainly regret that this happened. We will pass your comments on to the usher ministry so that they can make sure all ushers are aware of the handicapped seats. However, if the couple was entering the church during the readings or Gospel, the ushers may have considered that moving the couple to the front of the church would have been a distraction.

Suggestion: Clap while singing!!!

Response: Thank you! We appreciate your enthusiasm!


Suggestion: More parking needed!

Response: Thank you. We are aware that parking is a problem. Parishioners can also park in the senior center across the street (if there is no event going on), in the school parking lot and along the streets on Valwood and Dennis.


Suggestion: Dear Father This is Gods House. Where is God? I was appalled to see the Eucharist displayed on a tray on a drab table. Where is the visible tabernacle that should be on the altar? This is Gods House. Where is God?

Response: Thank you. You may have seen the unconsecrated hosts waiting for the next Mass in the back of the church. The consecrated hosts are always kept in the tabernacle or on the altar, never on a tray or on a table. God is in our house - in our congregation as we gather to worship Him, in the Word as proclaimed and in the tabernacle in our chapel.

The following suggestion was submitted in Spanish:

La sugerencia siguiente fue sometida en espaol:

Sugerencia: Recibimos una sugerencia con aspecto a la homila en espaol por favor de comunicar se con Padre Michael para dirigir este asunto Gracias!

Suggestion: We received a suggestion concerning the homilies at the Spanish masses. Please contact Father Michael to address this issue.

November 2011


Suggestion: Msgr. Andy, I liked your sermon on Thomas Merton. Good advice for all of us but especially for young people.

Response: Thank you! We will pass your comments on to Msgr Andy.

Suggestion: Fr. Andy, thanks for being kind and understanding in the confessional.

Response: Thank you! We will pass your thanks on to Msgr Andy.

Suggestion: The music for Sept. 11 was very nice.

Response: Thank you! We will pass your comments on to the Music Ministry.

Suggestion: Could we have a greeter ministry?

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We have a Welcoming Committee already looking into the possibility of creating a Greeter Ministry. Currently, our ushers perform as greeters at some of the Masses. We are also looking into including the youth in a greeter ministry.

Suggestion: I would love to see Fr. Michael and Msgr. Andys Sunday sermons on the MIC website It would be great to read it and it could be changed out every week Their sermons are too good not to be shared. God bless both of them!

Response: Thank you! Unfortunately, Fr. Michael does not write his homilies down. We will, however, ask Msgr. Sagra if he would be interested in having his hand-written homilies typed up for addition to our website.

Suggestion: Msgr. Andys microphone doesnt always work the best. It isnt loud enough for me to catch all his words. He has great sermons and Im disappointed if I dont hear it all. Thanks!

Response: Thank you. Yes, our sound system needs a little work. See above suggestion; we hope to address your concern by putting Msgr. Sagras homilies online.

Suggestion: I attended Mass recently at 2 different churches where there were greeters assigned to every Mass on Sunday. They made sure every person who came in for Mass was warmly welcomed.What a great idea and what a great way to get people involved! We have friendly people in our parish who might not be inclined to be a lector or singer or communion minister, but theyd be great at welcoming people.

Response: Thank you! Please see above we are looking into establishing a Greeter Ministry

Suggestion: Youre doing an awesome job!

Response: Thank you! We will pass your comments on to the staff!


Suggestion: I heard that more staff positions have been cut. Are we having budget problems?

Response: No, there are no budget problems. Please see the State of the Communion as addressed by Fr. Michael on Oct 30, 201; it is located in the Clergy Corner on the homepage



Suggestion: There seems to be some confusion esp. at the 10:30 Mass as to whether the moment of consecration is supposed to be a moment of silent prayer or a time for individual vocal prayers like My Lord and My God. Could you please give us some guidance on this? Thanks!

Response: The Roman Missal does not state one way or the other that the people provide an audible response.

The following suggestion was submitted in Spanish:

La sugerencia siguiente fue sometida en espaol:

Sugerencia: Necesitamos una persona recepcionista que escriba y entienda el espaol esta muchacha escribe los nombres y apellidos de las personas sper mal.

Responsorial: Gracias por su sugerencia. Estamos haciendo todo esfuerzo para asegurar que todo este correcto en Ingles y Espaol. Llamaremos la atencin a la recepcionista de esta sugerencia.

Suggestion: We need a person receptionist that can write and understand Spanish this lady doesnt write it correctly, she write the names and last name super wrong.

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. Every effort is made to be accurate in both English and Spanish. We will bring this to the attention of the receptionist.

Sugerencia: Padre Michael, nos gustara que usted siquiera dndonos la homila durante las misas que usted oficie, sus reflexiones sobre el evangelio son muy bonitos. Que no siempre el diacono lo haga. Gracias y espero que escuche este comentario, Dios lo Bendice.

Responsorial: Responsorial: Gracias por su sugerencia. El Diacono Martin dir la homila los segundos y tercer domingos del mes; Y el Padre Michael y el Monseor Sagra compartirn elprimero y ltimo domingo del mes.

Suggestion: Father Michael, we would like for you to give us the Homily during the times that you officiate mass, your reflections of the gospels are beautiful. That Deacon wouldnt do it all the time. Thank you and I wait to hear this commentary, God Bless you.

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. Deacon Martine will preach the 2nd and 3rdSundays of the month; Fr. Michael Msgr. Sagra will share the other Sundays in the month.

October 2011


Suggestion: When we have a bilingual service, it would be helpful to have a printed handout of the readings, prayers of the Faithful, even the songs in both languages, so the entire community will know what is being prayed when it is offered in the language different from their known one. It struck me during the recent Ministries Appreciation Mass that it would have been nice to now what all were praying or signing, thus fostered greater community among all gathered. If the mass is listed in the Missalette, it is easier to follow along in either language, as on Sunday; but for daily Masses or special celebrations, a separate handout is needed.

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We agree with your observation; well have the coordinator expand the worship aids to include both languages.

Suggestion: Please the great your neighbor at the start of mass is distraction all anyone says is hello good morning. So we still do not know anyone. Can we skip this just leave the offering Peace to your neighbor.

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. The Welcoming Committee implemented the greeting as a way of building a spirit of welcome and community in our parish. We will share your concerns with them.

Suggestion: Please establish a cry room or area where parents can take crying children or a nursery for young children. It is difficult to hear the message when young children are crying and talking.Thank you.

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. As a courtesy to others, we recommend parents with restless or crying children take them into the narthex. This will prevent these children from becoming a distraction to those around them, or to the priest. The narthex has speakers that allow the mass to be heard, so nothing will be missed. We respectfully ask to please refrain from using the chapel as a cry room for babies or play room for older children.


Suggestion: Dear Father M. Can you please get bench for people on walkers waiting for their rides and people that help them? Please establish a cry room or area where parents can take crying children or a nursery for young children. It is difficult to hear the message when young children are crying and talking. Thank you.

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. For safety reasons this is not something in the best interests of parishioners. There is quite a bit of traffic in the parking lot, along with the foot traffic to and from the church. There are benches in the area between the church and school you are welcome to use. During inclement weather we suggest using the benches in the narthex and instructing your party to look for you there.


Suggestion: There were several personal prayer petitions in the Suggestion Box.

Response: Please add your prayer requests to our prayer request book in the narthex so that our community can pray for your petitions.

Suggestion: Reasons for better energy management: 1. Green; less pollution by power companies. 2. Conservation of energy sources. 3. Lower cost. 4. Natural light can supply some if not all illumination required. 5. Reduce the chances of power outages in hot weather.

Response: Thank you for your ideas. If you wish a reply, please be more specific.

The following suggestion was submitted in Spanish:

La sugerencia siguiente fue sometida en espaol:

Sugerencia: Gracias por la misa de ministerios, fue muy grato participar en una misa bilinge que Dios los bendiga y ojala un da por semana hagan misa bilinge ya que no se hace una solo en espaol.

Responsorial: Gracias por su sugerencia continuaremos orando por vocaciones

Suggestion: Thank you for the Ministries Mass, it was great to participate in a bilingual mass may God bless you. And hope one day for one mass during the week in bilingual form, since we can not have one in Spanish.

Response: Thank you for your suggestion. Let us continue praying for vocations.

August 2011




Suggestion:  Thank you to the catechists for the children’s liturgy of the word.  The kids love it.  Are there any plans to add it to any other masses?

Response:  We are thankful for the volunteers who share their faith with our children… There are no plans at this time to add children’s liturgy to other Masses

Suggestion:  You always put on a beautiful Mass!  I just want to express my appreciation to the entire clergy, especially the lay people who dedicate time outside of their own work and families to express and share their faith.  Also, to our priests, who bring their enthusiasm each week.  Thank you!

Response:  Thank you! We are fortunate to have such dedicated clergy as well as so many committed volunteers.


Suggestion:  Thank you, Monsignor Sagra, for your homily on Corpus Christe.  You gave us a lot to think about regarding the Holy Eucharist.  I really liked your suggestions on how to find deeper meaning in the Eucharist and how to show more reverence.

Response:  Thank you! We will pass your thanks to Monsignor Sagra.


Suggestion:  PLEASE – PLEASE – PLEASE Remind people how they should dress respectfully & modestly in church.  Shorts are not appropriate on males or females nor are spaghetti straps &* plunging necklines.  VERY DISPRESPECTFUL TO GOD!!  Merely putting this in the bulletin is NOT enough.  It needs to be addressed from the pulpit by Father Michael.  Thank You.

Response:  Thank you for your suggestion. We announced the proper dress code at all the Masses early in the summer.  We have also implemented a dress code for lay ministers, in hopes they can serve as examples for proper Mass attire.


Suggestion: When will we learn about the upcoming changes to the mass.  Aren’t some of the prayers going to change? Could we have a little class or workshop to help us prepare? Thanks.

Response:  Yes, the changes will coincide with Advent 2011.  We began the weekend of September 11, 2011, providing bulletin inserts explaining the changes. Also, Fr. Michael plans to prepare the congregation prior to the change.


Suggestion: I want to say thank you to Father Andy for making a special effort to speak louder and more clearly.  His sermons are very good, and I appreciate his effort to make sure we can hear them.

Response:  Thank you! We will pass your appreciation to Msgr. Andy.


Suggestion: The Pentecost sermon on the gifts of the Holy Spirit was the best explanation I’ve ever heard.  Good job, Deacon Pat Hayes!

Response:  Thank you! We are fortunate to have such capable, dedicated and faithful deacons at Mary Immaculate.  We will pass your thanks to Deacon Pat.


Suggestion: Pentecost – great readings, psalm, homily!  Thank you 10:30 lector, cantor, choir, and especially deacon Pat.  Great string quartet, too! Could the homily be placed on the website or in the newsletter?

Response:  Thank you!  Again, we are fortunate to have our deacons at Mary Immaculate.  We will pass your thanks to Deacon Pat and will check with him for a copy of his homily to place on our website. (UPDATE Sept 2011:  We now have a "Clergy Corner" on our website; please see this page for Deacon Pat's homily and other clergy documents)


Suggestion: Why do we only sing the last song at the 7:30 mass and not the other songs?

Response:  The custom at 7:30AM Mass is to have limited music.


Suggestion: Thank you for opening the altar server ministry to 4th graders and for providing mentors to get them off to a good start.  This is a great way to build a strong team of servers.  We should also encourage servers to continue to serve when they are home from college on their breaks.

Response:  Once a server, always a server!  All servers are more than welcome to continue to serve.


Suggestion: How can we get more young people to step up to the plate and volunteer for the Sunday 5:00 mass – especially as sacristans?

Response:  Pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  The Youth Ministries Department is working to infuse the young people with the desire to become more active in the Masses.


Suggestion: The new song that was sung after communion at 12 on Pentecost was like a peaceful prayer to the Holy Spirit.  The 4-part harmony was lovely.  That song would be a nice one to include more often.

Response:  Thank you! We will pass your comments to our music ministry.


Suggestion: Saturday, June 18th, 5:00 Mass:  The Responsorial Psalm was beautiful – Every word could be understood! Thank you!

Response:  Thank you! We will pass your thanks to our music ministry.






Suggestion:  Many parishioners go out to breakfast or lunch after church on Sunday.  If we hosted more breakfasts or lunches here, they could support the church at the same time.  Maybe some ministries would like to earn money this way.

Response:  We had a Sunday morning meal program in the past but it was problematic.  We still serve coffee and donuts after the Sunday morning Masses, beginning after the 7:30AM Mass until noon.



Suggestion:  I keep hearing that a lot of training is required to teach in the religious ed program.  Is it expensive? Is it possible to do it online?

Response:  Please contact our Religious Education Director for more information.  She can be reached by calling the church office.


Suggestion:  Thank you for the nice newsletter article explaining the meaning of the stained glass windows.  I used to complain about the one on the right, but now it all makes sense and I understand how it all ties together.

Response:  Thank you! We will pass your comments on to the editor of the newsletter.  Also, there are descriptions of all of our church’s religious art and architecture on our website at this link:  Church Art


Suggestion:  Thank you to whoever is responsible for the Mary Immaculate Herald.  It is a great newsletter.

Response: We agree! The newsletter has been a valuable addition to our parish.  We will pass your thanks on to the office staff; they provide the newsletter to our parishioners via hard copy & on our website.


Suggestion:  Please make sure the light over Virgin Mary is FIXED.  Thank you!

Response:  Thank you for letting us know; we will pass this need to our facilities department.




Suggestion:  I’d like to know what you got with the Labels for Education (signed).

Response: From Mr. Krause, Principal:   Boxtops are turned in for cash.  The labels for education are used for PE equipment. Last year the school purchased or replaced wiffle ball sets, jump ropes, gator skin balls and other worn out equipment. The generosity of those who collect boxtops and labels for the school provides help to both the budget and to the kids!




Suggestion:  There were several personal prayer petitions in the Suggestion Box.

Response:  Please add your prayer requests to our prayer request book in the narthex so that our community can pray for your petitions.





Las sugerencias siguientes fueron sometidas en español:

The following suggestions were submitted in Spanish:


Sugerencia: La comunidad Hispana tenemos necesidad de que ella haga una misa en la semana en español por favor.

Suggestion:  Please, the Hispanic community has a need for a Spanish mass during the week. 

Respuesta: Sigamos pidiendo por vocaciones necesitamos mas sacerdotes para mas misas.


Response:  Let’s continue praying for vocations. We need more priests for additional masses. 


Sugerencia: Necesito mucha ayuda estoy solo acá en Dallas… (una intención de oración personal)

Suggestion: I need a lot of help I am here alone in Dallas… (a personal prayer petition)


Respuesta: Por favor ponga sus peticiones en el libro de intensiones que esta en el vestíbulo. Lo mantenemos en nuestras oraciones. Gracias.


Response:  Please put your personal prayer intentions in the prayer request book in the narthex. We will keep you in our prayers.


Sugerencia: Dios quiero que me proteges de mi corazón…. (una intención de oración personal)

Suggestion:  Lord I need you to protect my heart ... (a personal prayer petition)


Respuesta: Por favor ponga sus peticiones en el libro de intensiones que esta en el vestíbulo.  Lo mantenemos en nuestras oraciones. Gracias.


Response:  Please put your personal prayer intentions in the prayer request book in the narthex. We will keep you in our prayers.

June 2011



Suggestion:  The altar server mentor program is a fantastic idea.  Thank you, Ivan.  I hope we can continue to have seminarians who bring these good ideas to our parish.

Response:  We are thankful for the seminarians that have brought great ideas into our parish.

Suggestion:  Have a memorial mass for Memorial Day

Response:  The only secular holiday we celebrate mass is on Thanksgiving.


 Suggestion:  Thomas, thank you for the quality of the music at Mass. No matter which Mass we attend, the choir, cantor, and instrumentalists all do a fine job

Response:  Thank you. We will pass your thanks to Thomas.


Suggestion:  Thomas, Thanks to you and to the choir, for making us feel so connected to the celebration.  And thanks to the communion ministers who serve so faithfully.

Response:  Thank you. We will pass your kind comments on to both Thomas/Music & Beth Crouch/Liturgical Ministries.

Suggestion: Too much talking in the church before Mass. Too much talking at the 7:30 AM Mass & 5:00 PM Saturday.  Please remind that the church should be absolutely quiet in the 30 mins prior to Mass. It does not have a very holy atmosphere with so much socializing & talking. Suggestion: 30 mins prior to the Mass should be a quiet zone. Thank you.

Response:  Thank you for your important observation. We at Parish Council are discussing a solution to this particular situation. During this interim period, please feel welcome to have quiet/prayer time in the Eucharistic Chapel prior to mass.




Suggestion:  I don’t think the suggestion box should be used to publicly criticize or complain about specific people.  Those items should be passed on to the appropriate people but not posted on the web page.

Response:  We agree and it is being handled in that manner. Any criticisms or complaints about specific people will be reviewed and sent, at Father Michael’s direction, to the appropriate ministry head and NOT be “published.”


 Suggestion:  We talk about needing to pay our parish debt, but there are many parishes that are very needy and cannot even afford the basics.  We sometimes send money to churches in other countries. Do we do collections to help churches in our own diocese? If not, how do we get started?

Response:  What a great question!  Some parishes in our diocese are already “partnered” with other parishes.  For example, St. Ann’s in Coppell has partnered with us and is assisting us in meeting our school’s needs.





Suggestion:  More seats in the church for the kids at MIS.

Response: We would like to address your concern more directly. Please provide us with additional information for a response.





Suggestion:  Father Michael, thanks for reminding us of the importance of the Holy Spirit.

Response: You are welcome!


Las sugerencias siguientes fueron sometidas en español:

The following suggestions were submitted in Spanish:


Sugerencia: Padre Michael, sinceramente creo que lo latinos, no somos tomados muncho en cuentan en esta comunidad y munchos de nosotros nos sentimos desplazados no bienvenidos y esto nos causa muncha penas. Son munchas las cosas que se pueden hacer para cambiar ello. Usted se mira Buen Pastor Pero que esta desconectado totalmente de la fieldad de su Iglesia o no le importa muncho. Tenemos un Padre el Monseñor Andy que no se conecta con munchos en ningún Sentido. La Iglesia esta dividida entre los de ingles y los latinos. La iglesia no consiste nada mas que en misas sino también, en compartir juntos en abrir la Iglesia para múltiples actividades que nos conecte de nuevo. Por ejemplo la invitación para la recepción de seminarista Iván tan solo se hicieron los anuncios en Ingles no en Español y si somos una comunidad se debieron hacer en dos idiomas, y munchos cosa que creo no pone atención. Me duele muncha vez que pasen en mi Iglesia. Deberían invitar mas Sacerdotes que hablen nuestra idioma y seamos motivados en nuestra fe, y crecimiento espiritual y tantos que podemos hacer todos.


Suggestion:  Father Michael, I sincerely believe that the Latinos, are not taken into account in this community and a lot of us feel displaced not welcomed.  And that causes us a lot of sorrow. There are a lot of things that can be done to change this. You seem like the Good Sheppard but, are totally disconnected of the faithful of the church and that you do not care a lot. We have one father the Monsieur Andy, who does not connect with many in many ways. The church is divided between the English and the Latinos. The church not only consists of mass but also in sharing together. By opening the church for multiple activities renews and connects us. For example the invitation for the reception for Ivan the seminarian was made only in English not in Spanish and yes we are a community. It should have been in both languages. And a lot of other things are not given a lot of attention too. It bothers me a lot to see the things that go on in my church. You should invite more priests that speak our language that we may be more motivated in our faith and grow spiritually and we are so many we can do a lot.



Respuesta: Gracias por su observación.  Através de la oración y la reflexión, sus comentarios resuenan con un sentido de validez. Padre Michael está considerando más formas de conectar mejor con la comunidad hispana. Una de las consideraciones que se discute es la formación de un Ministerio Hispano de Consejo Consultivo. Como nuestra iglesia se esfuerza constantemente para incluir a todos en nuestra familia de María Immaculada, estamos bendecidos tener un nuevo diácono, Martin Armendariz [ordenado el 11 de junio de 2011] que será enormemente ayuda y apoyo a nuestras misas en español y para la comunidad hispana. En cuanto a recepción de Iván, muchos anuncios se hicieron eninglés y demisas en español, su tiempo de recepción estaba previsto específicamente para adaptarse mejor a la comunidad hispana para más fácilmente asistir la. Continuamente oramos por más vocaciones "Hispanas" y pedimos sus oraciones también para esta llamada extremadamente importante.


Response:  Thank you for your observation.  Through prayer and reflection, your comments resonate with a sense of validity.  Father Michael is considering more ways to better connect with the Hispanic community. One of the considerations being discussed is the formation of aHispanic Ministry Advisory Council. As our church consistently strives to include all in our Mary Immaculate Family, we are blessed to have a new Deacon, Martin Armendariz [ordained June 11, 2011] who will greatly assist and support our Spanish masses and Hispanic community. As for Ivan’s reception, many announcements were made to both our Spanish & English masses and his reception time was specifically scheduled to best accommodate the Hispanic community to most easily attend. We continually pray for more “Hispanic” vocations and we ask for your prayers as well for this extremely important calling.



Sugerencia: Otra cosa el piso de la Iiglesia esta Sucio I sobre todo en la Capilla. Y debajo de los asientos esta lleno de gomas de mascar.


Suggestion:  Another thing the floor in the Church is dirty and also in the Chapel, and under the seats it is full of chewing gum.


Respuesta: En cuanto a la limpieza de la Iglesia: hemos notado que demasiado y ya han abordado la situación con nuestro departamento de instalaciones.


Response: Regarding the church cleaning: we noticed that too and have already addressed the situation with our Facilities department.


Sugerencia: La última cosa que quiero llamarle la atención es acerca de la Adoración al Santísimo. Seria posible que sella mas callada, entiendo la buena intención de Grace y los demás hermanos pero es una falta de respeto. Para que venimos a orar al Señor en silencio a escuchar su voz, que a cada hora seamos interrumpidos con un oración de ciene y a perturba a cada rato.  Lo necesitamos padre no se nos duerma ya que la Iglesia se esta muriendo. Poco a poca. Con amor en Cristo 


Suggestion:  The last thing I want to bring to your attention is regarding adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Is it possible that we can have more silence, I understand the good intentions those who lead the rest of the brothers, but it is a fault of respect? We come to pray to The Lord in silence and listen to his voice and every hour we are interrupted and disturbed a lot. We need you Father don’t fall asleep that the church is dying little by little. With love in Christ.


Respuesta: Estamos totalmente de acuerdo en que debe haber períodos de "silencio" durante la adoración. Estamos planeando sobre períodos de calma y silencio durante este tiempo de planificación.  Una vez determinado este nuevo calendario, vamos a publicar la información en el boletín.


Response: We strongly agree that there needs to be “silent” periods during adoration. We are planning on scheduling quiet/silent periods during this time.  Once this new schedule is determined, we will publish the information in the bulletin.


April 2011


Suggestion:  I think our church decorations should reflect the liturgical seasons.  I think it inappropriate to have a Christmas tree w/ presents underneath (and all the other Christmas decorations) right after Thanksgiving.  We have the beautiful season of Advent (with its colors) that is being mainstreamed and diminished somewhat by following the secular trend of Christmas decorations immediately following Thanksgiving.  As a parent it is difficult enough to celebrate Advent with our children amidst the Christmas crush – having the church decked out for Christmas on Nov 27 doesn’t help.  Respectfully, (signed)
               Response: In the future we will try to be more in line with the meaning of the season.

Suggestion:  No more church musics

Response: We need more information in order to provide an adequate response to your suggestion.


Suggestion:  I wish to express my disappointment with the new Gloria and Kyrie because I believe it takes away from the community participating and (puts) the limelight on the choir. Blessings

Response:  Thank you for your suggestion.  As new music become more familiar, the congregation will be able to better participate. The music changes from time to time but more traditional music will be retained.


Suggestion:  Begin evening Mass at 5:00PM.

Response: The Mass time is to accommodate people who come after work.


Suggestion:  Instead of printing paper with the songs for church, why don’t youth use a projector that has the lyrics above us on the walls next to the altar where everybody can see and join the songs and you don’t have to waste paper!

Response: The Music Ministry will be re-evaluating the procedures for distributing music.

Suggestion Have you ever considered placing EMs in the back of the church in one aisle? Would it make it easier for people with “mobility” problems? Walking all the distance to the front and back again. Just a thought. Thanks (signed)

Response: Please refer to the March 2010 response to this suggestion on this website.


Suggestion:  A girl came to me asking if there was a guide for going to confession since she hadn’t been in a long time.  It would be good to have some on hand – a simple sheet.

Response: We will look into providing this information in the form of pamphlets.


Suggestion:  The song of the Saints by the man and woman tonight was so well sung. Please have those two sing together often. 3/19

Response: Thank you! We’ll pass on your suggestion to the Music Ministry


Suggestion:  Thomas and the cantor sung the most beautiful litany tonight at Mass.  Just wanted to say we were moved.

               Response: Thank you! We’ll pass your thanks on to the Music Ministry


Las sugerencias siguientes fueron sometidas en español:

The following suggestions were submitted in Spanish:


Sugerencia: Ojala que un día nos regalen una misa en español una vez por semana. Gracias.

Respuesta: Favor de orarpor vocaciones para tener más misas. Hasta que tal tiempo como vocaciónes vengan de la comunidad hispana, todo lo que podemos hacer como una parroquia, es hacer oraciónes para vocaciónes. Hay misas españoles a:

                                                Iglesia de San Juan Diego

                                                10150 Monroe Drive

                                                Dallas, TX  75229-5705


Suggestion: Wishing that one day we would be granted a Spanish mass once a week. Thank you.

Response: Please pray for more vocations. Until we have more vocations in the Hispanic community, as a parish all we can do is continue to pray for vocations. Spanish Masses are also available at:

                                                San Juan Diego Parish

                                                10150 Monroe Drive

                                                 Dallas, TX  75229-5705

Sugerencia: Que pongan una misa de niños, o que envuelva mas a los niños.

Respuesta: Dependiendo en la edad de los niños, son bienvenidos a cantar en el coro y servir en la misa


Suggestion: To have a mass for children or that we involve them more in the mass. 

Response: Depending on the age of the children, they are welcome to sing in our choirs and serve at Mass.


Sugerencia: Para el padrecito de la misa en español de 1:45 y 6:30 no se le entiende nada ni se le escucha.

Respuesta: Una solución es sentarse mas cerca al altar, o en el vestuario ay amplificadores de sonido. Favor de pedir antes de misa.


Suggestion: To the priest for the Spanish mass of 1:45 and 6:30 we do not understand him or hard to hear him.

Response: One solution would be to sit closer to the altar or we have wireless ear phones. Just check them out before mass from the vestry.




Suggestion:  Please put a bench at the office entrance (outside) for those with limited mobility who need to wait for their ride.

Response: For safety reasons this is not something in the best interests of parishioners.  There is quite a bit of traffic in the parking lot, along with the foot traffic to and from the church.  There are benches in the area between the church and school you are welcome to use.  During inclement weather we suggest using the benches in the narthex and instructing your party to look for you there.


Suggestion:  Take better care of the (recycle) can wagon.

Response: Thank you.  We will pass this suggestion on to the facilities manager. Thank you for calling this to our attention.


Suggestion:  To whom it may concern:  The (recycle) can wagon is out of control!!

Response: See above response


Suggestion:  (A diagram for modifying the Ladies Restroom was submitted)

Thank you.  We have made some changes with the hand dryer. We will refer this to the facilities manager.




Suggestion:  Why has there been such a high rate of turnover on the parish staff over the last 2-3 years?

Response: Typically when there is new leadership there is also sometimes a change in staff.  Some staff retired, some religious have been reassigned, and others have left of their own choice.


Suggestion:  Stop harping about money all the time talk more about prayer

Response: The homilies are only dedicated to fundraising 2 times a year, for the Annual Pledge Drive and The Bishop's Appeal.  There are many other ministries that rely on fundraisers.  Parishioners should feel free to support the ministries to which they feel led.







Suggestion:  Thanks for the Lenten mission speakers.

Response:  You’re welcome! We hope they provided spiritual enrichment during Lent.


Suggestion:  I appreciate the weekend mass schedule that allows me to get to mass no matter what my work schedule is.  12:00 is my favorite, but I feel welcome at any mass, especially now that we do the greeting before mass. It is amazing how many volunteers it takes for every Mass.  A big thanks to all the ushers and communion ministers and lectors and altar servers and especially the musicians.  And of course, the priests and deacons!

Response: Thank you for your kind words! We are fortunate to have so many volunteers for all of our parish ministries.

November 2010

Suggestion: Is it possible to change the Sat. evening mass from 5:00PM to 4:00PM for the winter months. Due to the fact we old people can't drive in the dark. God Bless. Some interested seniors.
Response: Our church is heavily scheduled on Saturdays in order to meet many needs. Often there are back-to-back activities throughout the day and evening. Again, please pray for vocations.
Suggestion: Father Michael, you should write a book on how to give good homilies that are interesting and inspiring. Or maybe videotape your homilies so other priests and deacons could learn from them
Response: Thank you for this positive feedback and encouragement.
Suggestion: We cannot understand the new singer
Response: We will pass your comment along to our Music Director. It would help if you would speak with him personally as to whether your concern with understanding the music is related to volume or diction.
Suggestion: Need to monitor the crying kid.
Response: During announcements we ask parents to show consideration to their neighbors. If your child is running around, please control him/her; if they are crying, please take him/her to the narthex area until he/she calms down. We all want to be able to hear the word of God. At the same time we can educate our children on how to act during the Mass.
Suggestion: Thanks for putting a dress code on the website. Good idea
Response: Thank you. We are glad to hear that the website is being used as a helpful resource.

Suggestion It was really fun when some of the ministries used to take turns preparing and selling food after mass. It was a great way to help the church budget while enjoying fellowship and a nice breakfast or lunch. Many people go out to eat after Sunday mass. It would be nice to help the church when doing so. It's too bad it was discontinued. Maybe some of the ministries would be willing to do this again.
Response: Thank you; we will share your suggestion with the Finance Council.
Suggestion: Put time and talent sign up on the website and make it year round
Response: Thanks; we are looking into this idea.
Suggestion: Thanks for all the nice activities being offered lately – the movies and ice cream social, pool party, etc. Our family enjoys these events
Response: Thank you! Our Welcoming Committee has done a great job of organizing activities to promote fellowship and community. We are glad to see many parishioners participating in these events. Invite other friends and family to join you at the next event!
Suggestion: I am sure it helps the parish budget when ministries conduct fundraisers to take care of their needs and projects. It is a pleasure to support tamale sales, bake sales, craft fair, etc. But a car wash on Sunday, taking up 20 parking spaces and using all that water when we are being asked to conserve water just doesn't seem like a good choice. Aren't there better options?
Response: This is a once a year fundraiser for one of our ministries and as is standard policy, was approved by the Pastor
Suggestion: Reduce debt 2nd collection why don't we have reduce the debt campaign. How much is the debt?
Response: The debt is currently $3-million. We must continue the Second Collection as it is our ‘reduce the debt’ campaign.
Suggestion: No towels in the rest room. Not right?
Response: This reduces the cost and maintenance expense to the parish.
Suggestion: No toilet paper or towels in the rest rooms is totally unacceptable.
Response: We will bring this to the attention of our facilities manager. But if you notice no toilet paper, please immediately notify the maintenance worker on duty.
Suggestion: No toilet paper. No paper towels?
Response: See above answers.
Suggestion: More chairs.
Response: We need more information about what you are suggesting.
La sugerencia siguiente fue sometida en español:
The following suggestions were submitted in Spanish:

Sugerencia: Cambien hora de misa para que toda la comunidad assista
Respuesta: Necesitamos más información para responder. (Las horas de la misa se reparten entre dos celebrantes. Por favor continúen sus oraciones para vocaciones. Necesitamos más celebrantes para más misas)
Suggestion: Change the time of mass so all the community can attend
Response: We need additional information to respond. (The many weekly & weekend Masses are divided between two celebrants. Please continue to pray for vocations as we need more celebrants in order to accommodate more masses)

Sugerencia: Poner letreros grandes para que los papas no dejen los niños que estén corriendo
Respuesta: Se pide a los padres de niños inquietos antes de la misa, por compasión a su vecino que si están corriendo sus niños que los controlen, y que si estén llorando que pasen al vestíbulo mientras se calman. Todos queremos disfrutar de la palabra de Dios y al mismo tiempo educar nuestros hijos como se deben comportar durante la misa, sin tener que poner letreros por toda la iglesia.  
Suggestion: Make big signs so that parents don't let their children run around.
Response: During announcements we ask parents to show consideration to their neighbors. If your child is running around, please control him/her; if they are crying, please take him/her to the narthex area until he/she calms down. We all want to be able to hear the word of God. At the same time we can educate our children on how to act during the Mass without having to put signs all over the church.

August 2010

Suggestion: Dress attire at this church should be addressed.
Response: Thank you for your concern. This issue has been raised several times by parishioners and the responses are posted on the MIC website. To recap, the approach taken has been to bring this up with the head of the ministry in which the person is involved and have him/her handle it. When appropriate, the matter is discussed privately with the person. Additionally, a dress code for the ministries has been published on our website.
Suggestion: I think that church choir should rehearse more. Also let kids join the choir to sing
Response: All choirs rehearse for at least an hour a week in order to prepare for the liturgy. Those who cantor have additional rehearsals on top of that. Considering there are 9 different choral ensembles that actively participate on a week to week basis in providing music for the liturgy, I am curious as to which ensemble needs more rehearsing. Please come speak with me on a private basis so I can answer your question more directly regarding the group in question. Additionally, children have always been welcome to sing in any group they feel called to participate in. There are no restrictions regarding youth participation, even though the 5:00pm Sunday mass was originally designated as a "youth mass".
Suggestion: My suggestion to this great church is to change the female singer at 5pm mass. She don't sing well. Sorry
Response: All cantors go through spiritual and vocal preparation for each week's celebration. Importance should be placed more so on how the cantor conveys the meanings of the text than other facets. Mary Immaculate cantors are highly encouraged to continue vocal training in private, or participate in outside professional, semi professional or volunteer ensembles. We are thankful for our volunteers in the music ministry, but we also always welcome voices, trained or untrained, to join in making a joyful noise unto the Lord. If I may direct you to the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, Chapter Three, 102 - 104, these sections talk about the role of the cantor and choir in Liturgy. GIRM 104 states "It is fitting that there be a cantor or a choir director to lead and sustain the people's singing. When in fact there is no choir, it is up to the cantor to lead the different chants, with the people taking part." I bring this up because the community is to actively participate in singing during the liturgy, not just listen to the music. A community that sings together prays together, and a community that prays together becomes like the disciples in the upper room, invoking the Holy Spirit and bringing forth the grace of God.
Suggestion: I think there should be chairs out next to the walls at church
Response: We have had several requests for chairs in the ambulatory. The designated overflow area for the church is the narthex. The sound system is very good in there, and the view is better than from the ambulatory. In addition, chairs in the ambulatory would block the way to the exit when mass is over possibly causing a bottleneck between a mass that is trying to leave and the next mass trying to enter. Lastly, there are concerns about the ability to quickly exit the building in the unfortunate event of a fire.

Suggestion: It is too cold on church. The music is too loud on Sunday night. I have never seen anyone park in the reserved clergy parking space. We could use it. Handicapped are parking in the striped area beside the handicapped spots. They need to be utilized as such – they are wasted space otherwise
Response: There are several issues raised here which will be addressed one at a time:
·          The temperature in the church has been repeatedly brought to our attention. The thermostat has already been raised. To continue to raise the temperature in the church would cause the altar and choir area to become almost unbearably hot. We have noticed there are spots in the church that are not as cold as others. You might try moving around to find a warmer spot. If all else fails, plan to be cold at mass and bring a jacket.
·          The volume of the music on Sunday night has already been addressed with the music ministry. We will monitor the situation and continue to make the necessary adjustments.
·          The clergy space is almost always taken during mass. That is where Father Michael parks. If it is unoccupied when you arrive it is because Father Michael or the presiding priest has not yet arrived.
·          The number of handicapped spots and the striped areas next to them are dictated by city code. There has to be enough room for a wheelchair to disembark comfortably from a wheelchair-enabled van.
Suggestion: Fr. Michael, During this past Saturday evening (May 8) Mass, my wife leaned to whisper in my ear. “I'm leaving. I can't bear this cold air anymore.” I persuaded her to remain by snuggling up as close to me as possible and she made it to the end. I had anticipated the cold by dressing more warmly than she, but was cold also. We finished the Mass looking almost like a dating couple back in the days of drive-in movies. 
Father, why does it have to be so cold? I bet that if you, at homily time, asked for all those who think the church should be warmer for services to stand, 90% or more would stand.  Every person we've asked says it's too cold. Some say that they have complained but to no avail.
We don't understand why the parish doesn't use every cost cutting measure to minimize expenses. If we were in charge we'd run the A/C system at a temperature that would elicit requests for lowering the thermostats, and then lower them until the requests stop. Even during the past winter, when all the arriving warm bodies raised the temperature to a level that caused people to remove their winter coats, the A/C would kick in! And people would grab their coats and put them back on.
We are wasting money and certainly contributing, if not to global warming, to pollution. We have the Christian calling to love our neighbor and we think they include those yet to be born, our descendents. It's our duty to use natural resources prudently and pass on a world that has a healthy environment. On the personal level my wife and I don't like seeing our and other's contributions wasted, when the savings, that would come from a lower electric bill and an extended life of the equipment, could be used to help retire our debt. We beg you to please check into this problem.
Don't get us wrong. We love Mary Immaculate; the church is beautiful. We love you and all those who minister to us. We also feel honored to have you as our pastor and want to wish you a very Happy forthcoming thirteenth anniversary.
May God bless you, One of the many couples who love the warmth of Mary Immaculate Community but not the cold church.
Response: This issue was addressed in a previous response above.

Sugerencia:  Se expresó la preocupación sobre la reacción de un sacerdote visitante, cuando un parroquiano trató de besarle la mano, como es una tradición en el país de origen. 

Suggestion:  A concern was expressed about a visiting priest's reaction when a parishioner attempted to kiss his hand, as is a tradition in the home country. 
Respuesta: Gracias por su sugerencia. Es desafortunado que esto haya pasado. Esto se ha tratado con este sacerdote. Cada  sacerdote reacciona diferentemente en ciertas situaciones. Y esto es una tradición infrecuente y pudo haber cogido al sacerdote desprevenido.

Response: It is unfortunate this happened.  This has been addressed with this priest.  Each priest reacts differently in certain situations.  This is an uncommon tradition and may have caught the priest off guard. 

May 2010
Sugerencia:  Me gustaria que hubiera misa en espanol por lo menos una yez entre semana.
Respuesta: Hasta que tal tiempo como vocaciónes vengan de la comunidad hispana, todo lo que podemos hacer como una parroquia, es hacer oraciónes para vocaciónes. 
Suggestion: I would like to have a Mass in Spanish at least once a week.
Response: Until we have more vocations in the Hispanic community, as a parish all we can do is continue to pray for vocations.

Suggestion: Please remind the people no food or drink in church.  Please announce this at mass.
Response: Signs have been posted at various places in the narthex.  We will continue to monitor the situation and decide if another announcement is warranted.  Thank you for your concern.

March 2010
Suggestion: Please put that music that you played at all times. I think it was monks or something like that. It was beautiful. It seemed the church felt oh so holy. We are a holy church, remember.
Response: We are glad you enjoy the chant music. The music is played regularly, but it may be with the noise in the church you are unable to hear.
Suggestion: We are offending Jesus Christ & insulting Him by the way we make Holy Communion with Him by taking the bread into our sinful hands and then into our mouths not only that but we start chewing him very unrespectful toward our God. This must come to a HALT (STOP). We should receive the bread from the hand of the priest who has the Holy Spirit right into our mouths then keep it in our mouth in whole until we take the wine (His blood) wet it then swallowed in whole. Please leave pride & the ways of man behind & do what the Lord is asking.
Response: Thank you for your concern for our Lord. This is an issue that has arisen many times within the church. Speaking in John 6, Jesus is quite explicit when he exhorts his disciples to “eat my flesh and drink my blood”. The footnotes of the New American Bible tell us “the verb used in these verses is not the classical Greek verb used of human eating, but that of animal eating: "munch," "gnaw." This may be part of John's emphasis on the reality of the flesh and blood of Jesus (cf John 6:55), but the same verb eventually became the ordinary verb in Greek meaning "eat."
John was very explicit in explaining not only what Jesus said the disciples were to do, (eat Jesus' flesh) but how they were to do it (munch and gnaw). Further, if we are to believe our hands are sinful, then would not our mouth be even more so? Jesus tells us in MT 15:11 “It is not what enters one's mouth that defiles that person; but what comes out of the mouth is what defiles one." Without the grace of God we are totally unfit to receive Him in communion. That grace is provided in the sacrament of reconciliation. Our sins, now removed, pose no barrier to our eating His Precious Body and drinking His Precious Blood in the manner prescribed by Jesus. As a more practical matter, there are many young, elderly and ill within our Catholic faith that may find it difficult to swallow the Precious Body whole, softened though it may be with the Precious Blood. If one chooses not to partake of the Precious Blood, then swallowing whole is made that much more difficult. If anyone feels others are being disrespectful to our Lord, we should continue to receive as we wish and say a prayer for them, while at the same time worrying more about the log in our eye than the splinter in our neighbor's eye.

Suggestion: Have you considered moving the 5:00pm Saturday/Sunday mass to 4:00pm? I know other parishes have a 4:00pm weekend mass. A long time “senior” parishioner.
Response: Thanks for your suggestion. With the heavy schedule of baptisms, weddings, and quincineras, the church often is in use on Saturdays up until shortly before the 5:00 Mass and afterwards as well.
Suggestion: Why don't we put the toy and games in a quiet room where no one will get disturbed?
Response: We do not have a room available for this purpose. Even if we did have such a room, we do not have staff who could supervise children, so parents would be missing Mass in order to be with their children. We encourage families to attend Mass together, and hope that parents will use good judgment in stepping out into the narthex if their children are having a difficult moment during Mass.
Suggestion: I wish the celebrant of every mass could remind the congregation not to leave til the priest has reached the foyer after Mass. Many walk out after communion.
Response: Our Catholic tradition is that all in attendance wait until after the priest processes out of the sanctuary before exiting, and then do so in a quiet and orderly manner. It is sad that some choose to leave before the final commission to go forth and spread the word. When one considers Judas was the only person to leave early at the first mass, the decision to stay until the end becomes a bit easier.
Suggestion: I have (2) suggestions for the New Year:
1. We should consider expanding the distribution of communion to the back of the church, as is done in most parish churches. Benefits include efficiency, ease of distribution to disabled who can’t walk up the aisle, and parking, early arrivals blocking egress.
Response: The flow of traffic from the pews along with the relatively small size of the church, do not lend themselves to distribution in the back of the church. The ushers have been instructed to watch for disabled and notify the Extraordinary Minister whose line finishes first so they can receive.
2. Long term – We should consider better lighting for the main alter. Much planning went into systems for PA and music, but not much for lighting. The overhead lights are inadequate. 
Response: Thank you for your suggestion. This has already been addressed. The new lighting was installed recently.
Suggestion: Dear Fr. Michael, It is very distracting when everyone is silently adoring Jesus at the elevation of the Body and Blood, to have 2 or 3 people praying out loud. We have an official acclamation after we have had our moment of silence. How could we ask people to please stay silent? Thanks.
Response: This is a habit which many longtime lifelong Catholics are accustomed to because they were taught to say this acclamation. While you are welcome to tactfully point out to them that it is distracting to you, perhaps it would be more comfortable to sit in an area where these people are not seated.
Suggestion: Speak about the importance of marriage to unwed couples.
Response: We have an excellent marriage preparation program for couples preparing for marriage, as well as a number of marriage enrichment activities. We hope that by continually publicizing these opportunities, unmarried couples will see the value and importance of marriage. If you know of unmarried couples who would like to discuss the possibility of marriage, encourage them to contact the church office.
Suggestion: The new introduce yourself to those around you – very uncomfortable – most just say good morning- & again with shaking hands flu season everyone coughing not very good. Please rethink.
Response: See below.
Suggestion: Please, please rethink the hand shaking before mass!! It is not helpful in preparing a prayerful attitude to worship. The protestant idea is the church is a social opportunity. We come to pray with the Lord. SCS parish is very social, like this, not praying orienting. 
Response: This will be brought to the attention of the welcoming committee.
The following suggestions were submitted in Spanish:
La sugerencia siguiente fue sometida en español:
Sugerencia: Por favor sacar a los papas que tienen niños llorando para que la gente pueda escucha la misa. Gracias
Respuesta: Como cortesía a otros recomendamos que padres que tienen niños llorando favor de llevarlos al vestíbulo. El vestíbulo está equipado con altavoz para escuchar la misa mientras el niño se calma. Este medido es para evitar distracción para su vecino y para los padres. Les pedimos por respeto Al Bendito Santísimo del Altar no usar la capilla al lado como cuarto de niños llorando o jugando. Gracias.
Suggestion: Please can we take out crying children so others can hear the Mass
Response: As a courtesy to others, we recommend parents with restless or crying children take them into the narthex. This will prevent these children from becoming a distraction to those around them, or to the priest. The narthex has speakers that allow the mass to be heard, so nothing will be missed. We respectfully ask to please refrain from using the chapel as a cry room for babies or play room for older children.
Sugerencia:  Cantos en las misas diarias. El frente nuestro ante el Santísimo Sacramento.
Respuesta: Por decisión de los padres que prefieren no cantar a capela no hay cantos en la Misa diarias. Y por los désenos del arquitecto El Santísimo fue puesto en la capilla.
Suggestion: Songs at daily mass, the holy Sacrament at the front alter.
Response: The priests at Mary Immaculate are uncomfortable leading songs a capella. By architectural design, the Blessed Sacrament was placed in the chapel.

Suggestion: Dear Father Michael can you please put bench in front. Two weeks ago after noon mass waited til 2:15 with lady wheel chair for Dart bus. Thank you. Sorry to bother you.
Response: For safety reasons this is not something in the best interests of parishioners. There is quite a bit of traffic in the parking lot, along with the foot traffic to and from the church. There are benches in the area between the church and school you are welcome to use. During inclement weather we suggest using the benches in the narthex and instructing your party to look for you there.
Suggestion: Can't hear more volume. Age you know.
Response: See below.
Suggestion: Turn up the volume please!!.
Response: The volume in the church has been turned up. The church has amplified receivers available for those needing extra help hearing, just ask an usher. You may also try the narthex, which has great speakers.
Suggestion: Please! More handicap parking spaces – at least for 5:30 Saturday mass.
Response: Several handicapped spaces have been added over the past 3 years. If you are arriving for a 5:30 Mass on Saturday, it is likely that all of the parking spaces are filled, since Mass is at 5:00.

Suggestion: Once stated in a sermon that sometimes we need to point out blind spots.
Response: (A personnel concern regarding Mary Immaculate School was submitted. Since personnel issues are confidential, this is being referred to the pastor and the School Advisory Council.).
The following suggestions were submitted in Spanish:
La sugerencia siguiente fue sometida en español:
Sugerencia: Yo quiero pedir para una buena navidad.
Respuesta: Gracias y Que Dios la bendiga siempre. (Por favor de poner sus oraciones en el libro de intensiones que está en el vestíbulo. Esta localizado enseguida del buzón de las sugerencias.)
Suggestion: I wish that everyone has a great Christmas
Response: Thanks and May God Bless you. (Please put all prayer intentions in the prayer intention book in the narthex. It is located next to the suggestion box.)
Sugerencia: Le pido a Dios que no nos olvide.
Respuesta: Dios siempre nos cuida y nos quiere. (Por favor de poner sus oraciones en el libro de intensiones que está en el vestíbulo. Esta localizado enseguida del buzón de las sugerencias.)
Suggestion: I ask God that he would not forget us
Response: God always looks after us and loves us (Please put all prayer intentions in the prayer intention book in the narthex. It is located next to the suggestion box.)
Suggestion: Poor can't help the poor. Only rich can help the poor because we have the time and resources. God didn't call us to be broke, He called us to know His word and His will, which in turn gives us wisdom, understanding and with that we acquire riches because with God all things are possible. The rich have many friends, but the poor even his neighbor hates him. 
Response: (Please put all prayer intentions in the prayer intention book in the narthex. It is located next to the suggestion box.)

February 2010

Suggestion:  Fr. Michael, since Mary Immaculate Church has such a wonderful web-site, I am requesting your consideration on making an addition to it. Please consider adding a link, perhaps called “Funeral Ministry”, which would provide current information on funeral activity taking place during the immediate week. List the name of the deceased, the day and time of the funeral mass, rosary service, etc. I recognize that this would require timely staff attention, but I believe that this service would be appreciated. There have been a few occasions during past years when I would have wanted to pay my respects by attending the funeral mass of an acquaintance but only learned about it after the fact. Many thanks. 
Response: Check out our website! You can now sign up online to be notified.
Suggestion:  The Christmas concert is so nice! Could the choir do a couple of concerts each year?
Response: Thanks! We will forward your suggestion to our Music Director.
Suggestion:  It's always about money. Tell us what the paper thing is all about?? And tell the people how easy it is to collect them all week and drop off on Sunday!!
Response: Good idea. We will publicize this in the bulletin.
Suggestion:  Put the tabernacle with the Blessed Sacrament in the sanctuary.
Response: Please refer to an earlier suggestion box entry in July 2009 in which we provided an explanation for the location of the tabernacle.
Suggestion:  How about give half the church income to charity. Those people need the money more than we do. (I'm not crazy!)
Response: The church, as a charitable organization, uses all donations to fund the mission and ministry of the church.
Suggestion:  Good morning. Is there any way we can make the mass schedule laminated with magnet attached to the back so that it can posted in the refrigerator. Thanks.
Response: The schedule is on the website and in the bulletin so that parishioners can cut it out and place it on the refrigerator if they wish.
Suggestion:  Could Father Michael turn up the volume on his microphone. I believe my mother would be able to hear his sermon. Thank you!
Response: The volume is set at its highest level. We will look into alternative listening devices. Audio-assistive devices are available and we will check into them for you.
Suggestion:  Father: I suggest conference room be named “The Apostles Room” and brides room be named “Mary's Room.” Thanks. (name)
Response: Thanks for your suggestion. In keeping with the wishes of the Building Committee, the rooms are named based on their function and purpose.
Suggestion:  Please resume reading the names of the seriously ill at Sunday masses. It's the only way most of us know to call those who need visits, offers of help; we need to know their names. It's very important that those people have visits from church members.
Response: There are several ways to be informed about this. The names of the sick are published on our posted prayer lists and in the Book of Intentions. You are welcome to contact the church office to be placed on the Prayer Chain as well.
Suggestion:  Parishioners need to be quiet when other parishioners are praying to the saints after the masses. Parishioners need to go outside and talk to family and or friends after all masses. It's very rude that parishioners are all talking to friends and other parishioners are trying to pray to the saints. The noise carries very loud and it's hard to pray. I would very much appreciate if something is done!
Response: It is a challenge to manage all of the traffic in the church, especially on weekends. Sometimes people are entering for the next Mass just as the previous Mass is finishing. The chapel is available for quiet prayer if the conversation between Masses in the sanctuary is distracting.
Suggestion:  Could we please move the candles closer to the altar. When the EM's go up I get worried that if someone steps backward they catch on fire. It is an accident waiting to happen.
Response: Thank you for your observations. Our EMs are trained to be mindful of their surroundings and their position on the altar.
Suggestion:  Last week the cantor's dress was held up by strings. This week the cantor had on rubber flip flops. Can someone please teach them how to dress?
Response: We are in the process of approving a dress code for the liturgical ministries, which should provide guidance in the area of appropriate attire for Mass. We will also bring this to the attention of the Music Director.
Suggestion:  What about a T.V. monitor that has computer capability to show all announcements and sick list, and special events, set up in narthex where it could be read at any time. Deacon Phil
Response: We hope parishioners are aware of the many ways to be informed of parish news, such as the bulletin, pulpit announcements, website, and newsletters.
Suggestion: The new youth mass is awesome!
Response: Thanks, we’d love to see even more participation in the liturgical roles for this Mass (choir, lectors, ushers, EMs, etc.)
Suggestion: Why are longtime volunteers in the liturgical ministries being made to feel like they are not doing an adequate job and need to have things “fixed” by a newly appointed expert all of a sudden, after not receiving feedback before this? If we did not measure up or were doing things incorrectly, why weren't we told long before this?
Response: We need more information about your concern. Please share your input on this with Father Michael or with our new Coordinator of Adult Education, Beth Crouch.
Suggestion: Que haya cantos en la misa diaria. Aunque no este presente un coro dios nos da nuestra voz. That there be songs at daily mass even though there is no choir, God will give us our voice.
Response: While singing enhances the Mass, it is not required, and it is at the discretion of the presider. The priests at Mary Immaculate are uncomfortable leading songs a capella.
Suggestion: Add holy water to each side of main doors for ease of use. (diagram enclosed)
Response: Liturgically speaking, it is proper for people to be at one font to symbolize the oneness of our Baptism.
Suggestion: There is a broken tile & also grout needs to be replaced on some area of the chapel. Have a great day!
Response: Thanks, we will advise the maintenance staff about this.
Suggestion: Get the focus more on what Jesus Christ did on the cross, than what the Virgin Mary did... God Bless.
Response: Thank you.
The following suggestions were submitted in Spanish:
La sugerencia siguiente fue sometida en español:
Sugerencia: Les pido por todos los presos que son privados de su livertad injustamente en especial por (nombre). Y por toda mi familia que necesita tranqulidad, por mi hermano (nombre) que quiro que se acerque mas a Dios. Bueno y porque yo tenga exito en my escuela en este regreso a clases. Dios los bendiga gracias. (name)
Respuesta: Puede inscribir sus intenciones en nuestro Libro de Intenciones para que todos puedan rezar por Ud. y por su familia.
Suggestion: I ask your prayers for all prisoners that are unjustly deprived of their liberty, especially for (name). And for all my family who needs peace, for my brother (name) whom I want to be closer to God. Good and because I have succeeded in my school in this return to class. May God bless you.
Response: These intentions can be written in our Book of Intentions so that everyone can pray for you and your family.
Sugerencia: Padre Maguel necesitamos la familia ispana un saserdote mas animoso que entendamos bien el mensage.
Respuesta: ¡Ore por favor para vocaciones, especialmente en la comunidad hispana! Somos bendecidos en Maria Inmaculada tener 2 sacerdotes que hablan español, pero ninguno de los dos es un hablante nativo. Es difícil transmitir mensajes de la misma manera que un hablante nativo.
Suggestion: Father Michael, the Spanish family needs a priest that is friendlier, that we can understand his message well.
Response: Please pray for vocations, especially in the Hispanic community! We are blessed at Mary Immaculate to have 2 priests who speak Spanish, but neither is a native speaker. It is difficult for non-native speakers to convey messages in the same way a native speaker can.
Sugerencia: Te pido por la operacion de (nombre) que todo salga bien y por los papas del nino que (nombres) tengan resignacion que tengan salud ayudalos mi Senor abrazalos, protegelos. Consuelalos. (name)
Respuesta: Pueden inscribir sus intenciones en nuestro Libro de Intenciones para que todos puedan rezar por estas personas.
Suggestion:  I ask for the operation of (name) for everything to come out okay and for the parents of the child, that (name and name) have resignation and have good health help them my God, embrace them, protect them, counsel them.
Response: These intentions can be written in our Book of Intentions so that everyone can pray for these people.

September 2009

Suggestion: During the construction of our Church, I saw many parishioners contributing in many ways towards its completion, some giving a dollar her and there and others, with their talents. It seems unfair that only a few would be acknowledged when so many contributed. The memorial plaque is a good idea, but instead of spending all that money in some many plaques, I suggest ONLY ONE PLAQUE should be made thanking all those that in one way or another contributed, and the money saved, should be applied to reduce the debt. Thank you.
Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We share your concern about cost, and we also need to honor the original agreement to acknowledge the gifts of everyone. We think you will be pleased with the results.
Suggestion: Father Michael, you need to address the dress attire for church. It is getting out of hand. I see it as lack of respect for God & the church. A teenager with short shorts sat behind me at 10:30 mass.
Response: We have set a dress code for liturgical ministers to set an example for all parishioners.
Suggestion:  Father, the narthex looks amazing! Clean. No clutter. Blessings! Great job. 
Response: Thanks for noticing!
Suggestion:  The priest is too mean.  He needs manners.
          Response: Please discuss with Father Michael.
Suggestion:  Please, update the suggestions on your web page.
Response: Thank you - we will update the web page as soon as we can.
Suggestion: Schedule of Homily. Can you post a schedule of which person will be speaking the Homily for each mass on a monthly or weekly basis?
Response: The presider/deacon schedule is posted on the website. Generally the presider preaches at his Mass, except on the second Sunday, when deacons are assigned to preach.
Suggestion:  Dear Father Michael: The 7:30 mass and the 8:45 mass are too close together. People are coming in before the Mass is completed...trying to get seating spaces, sometimes pushing themselves in. The traffic outside is unbelievable on some Sundays. Why can't you wait 15 minutes and give everybody a chance to get out and in... make the 8:45 mass start at 9:00? (It used to be 9:00 AM). Thanks, 7:30 am parishioners
Response: Mass schedules are very complicated. A change on one end creates a ripple effect and impacts all the later Masses. This would change the Mass times for every Mass. One reason we do not have music at 7:30AM is to keep that Mass short.
Suggestion: If we keep getting submissions with prayer intentions, perhaps we could add a sentence on the website or small sign on the suggestion box that says that prayer intentions can be written in our Book of Intentions or placed in the Divine Mercy prayer baskets.
Response: We now have the Book of Intentions for this purpose.
The following suggestions were submitted in Spanish:
La sugerencia siguiente fue sometida en español:
Sugerencia: Dios era muy weno y siempre sera
Respuesta: ¡Si!
Sugerencia: Mi sugerencia es que alla misa en espanol todos los dias. Gracias.
Respuesta: Nosotros ya hemos estudiado este y determinado que la corriente horario diario de Misa satisface las necesidades de nuestra Parroquia.
Sugerencia: Yo sugiero que debemos tener retiros, para jovenes matrimonios aqui en esta paroquia algo de ese tipo para la comunidad Hispana el la radio catolica escucho como en otras paroquis los minesterio Hispanas tienen eventos pero estan legos para munchos de nosotro seria bueno que nosotros puedamos disfrutar de eso tambien de ves en cuando. Gracias que dis los bendiga.
Respuesta: Adelantaremos su idea a Sr. Betty.

July 2009


Suggestion: Decorate the chapel with drawings or designs of baby angels, saints, etc. That way it will look a lot better and pretty.
Response: The focus is the Eucharist, so the design is simple in order not to distract from the prayerful atmosphere.
Suggestion: Decorate the altar more. Something else besides flowers.
Response: We try to decorate seasonally. We need more volunteers who have an interest in decorating. Please contact us if you have an interest in volunteering.
Suggestion:  Prayer box or urn at the altar. Include a prayer box or urn at the altar to keep all the names of the sick and deceased of the parish so they can be prayed for and included at every mass. Constant prayer will flow for the sick, deceased, and any other special prayers for individual and community needs that are included in the box or urn. (name)
Response: We are looking at the possibility of a Book of Intentions for this very purpose.
Suggestion: I was pleased to find the cantors using the Responsorial Psalm from the missalette for a while. Now we're back to different ones, not even in the song book. I don't understand the words when I can't read along. I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem. Some cantors are better than others. With some it's a complete
Response: (Response from Thomas Woods): Thank you for your inquiry. The missalette provided in the pews is an excellent resource for following along and can be used as a guide during mass. There are many musical settings of the psalms that are written every year that are approved for use by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and many Catholic music publishing companies for use in the liturgy. I can understand why reading along may be a troubling thing, especially when some of the words are adapted the fit the musical setting. I'd like to point you to the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, which defines the Catholic Liturgy and what is, and what is not acceptable:
"The Responsorial Psalm
After the first reading comes the responsorial Psalm, which is an integral part of the Liturgy of the Word and holds great liturgical and pastoral importance, because it fosters meditation on the word of God.

The responsorial Psalm should correspond to each reading and should, as a rule, be taken from the Lectionary.

It is preferable that the responsorial Psalm be sung, at least as far as the people's response is concerned. Hence, the psalmist, or the cantor of the Psalm, sings the verses of the Psalm from the ambo or another suitable place. The entire congregation remains seated and listens but, as a rule, takes part by singing the response, except when the Psalm is sung straight through without a response. In order, however, that the people may be able to sing the Psalm response more readily, texts of some responses and Psalms have been chosen for the various seasons of the year or for the various categories of Saints. These may be used in place of the text corresponding to the reading whenever the Psalm is sung. If the Psalm cannot be sung, then it should be recited in such a way that it is particularly suited to fostering meditation on the word of God.

In the dioceses of the United States of America, the following may also be sung in place of the Psalm assigned in the Lectionary for Mass: either the proper or seasonal antiphon and Psalm from the Lectionary, as found either in the Roman Gradual or Simple Gradual or in another musical setting; or an antiphon and Psalm from another collection of the psalms and antiphons, including psalms arranged in metrical form, providing that they have been approved by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops or the Diocesan Bishop. Songs or hymns may not be used in place of the responsorial Psalm." (GIRM 61)

As you can see, we do the very best with the resources we have on a weekly basis. Never has a seasonal psalm been sung for several weeks on end, and rarely has the refrain's text not matched the text from the missalette, which is published by Oregon Catholic Press, one of many Catholic publishing companies. Again, sometimes the texts of the verses may be arranged differently for the setting that day.
The cantors who sing at mass are volunteers from the parish. They rehearse on a bi-monthly basis (in addition to the regular weekly choir rehearsals) and are chosen not only by their musical ability, but also by their commitment to providing a prayerful environment to the parish through song. The psalms are chosen not by the cantors, but by the music director, in accordance with GIRM 40:
"Great importance should therefore be attached to the use of singing in the celebration of the Mass, with due consideration for the culture of the people and abilities of each liturgical assembly. Although it is not always necessary (e.g., in weekday Masses) to sing all the texts that are of themselves meant to be sung, every care should be taken that singing by the ministers and the people is not absent in celebrations that occur on Sundays and on holy days of obligation".
The cantors are trained in diction, projection, proper formation of words, gestures, and many other technical aspects that are involved in this ministry. It is an ongoing training, and there are many dedicated and talented members in this ministry who contribute to building up the Body of Christ here at Mary Immaculate.
Thank you for taking the time to make your suggestion. Should you need more details, please feel free to contact me directly. I'll be happy to speak with you in more detail regarding our cantor ministry at your convenience.
-Thomas Woods, Director of Music
Suggestion:  Can the tabernacle be put back on the altar?
Response: At this time, due to the parameters from the Diocesan Liturgical Committee, we are not able to move it.
The following suggestions were submitted in Spanish:
La sugerencia siguiente fue sometida en español:
Sugerencia: Quiero que por favor que si nos pueden dar una misa diarien espano a las 7:00 P.M.
Respuesta:  Gracias. Hicimos alguna investigación para ver si había suficiente interés en agregar una misa diaria en español. Cuándo nosotros miramos los resultados, no parecieron que podríamos agregar una misa, especialmente porque nosotros sólo tenemos dos sacerdotes. Ore por favor para (mas) vocaciones. Tenemos una comunión y dos misas diariamente durante la semana.
Suggestion: I would like, please, if you could have a daily mass in Spanish at 7:00 P.M.
Response: Thank you. We did do some research to see if there was enough interest in adding a daily Mass in Spanish. When we looked at the results, it did not appear that we could add a Mass, particularly since we only have two priests. Please pray for vocations. We do have a Communion service and two Masses daily during the week.
Sugerencia: Necesitamos misa a las 7:00 todo los días.
Respuesta:  Vea por favor respuesta anterior
Suggestion: We need mass at 7:00 every day.
Response: See above response
Sugerencia: Estimado Padre Mike, Mucho antes de que surgiera el “swine flu”, yo había observado que muchos de los feligreses en nuestra iglesia, no tomaban la Sangre de Cristo durante la Comunión, (posiblemente por temor de poner sus labios donde tantas personas extrañas habían puesto previamente los suyos.) Hace varios meses, yo observe durante un misa en televisión desde San Antonio, que durante la Comunión el monaguillo sostenía el cáliz con la Sangre de Cristo y al sacerdote mojaba la punta de la hostia ahí antes de dársela a los feligreses. Yo encontré que esa era una excelente practica. Consideraría Ud. Esta sugerencia para practicarls permanentemente en nuestra iglesia? Gracias Padre.
Respuesta:  El sacerdote o el diácono pueden intinct; sin embargo, esto significaría que todos serían requeridos recibir en la lengua. Recuerde por favor que Jesús es presente, el cuerpo y la sangre, el alma y la divinidad, en el pan consagrado.
Suggestion:  Long before the “swine flu”, I had observed that many of the parishioners in our church did not drink the Blood of Christ during communion. (Possibly for fear of putting their lips where many strange people had previously put theirs.) Many months ago, I observed during one mass televised from San Antonio, that during communion, the altar boy would hold the cup with the Blood of Christ and the priest would dip the tip of the host there before giving it to the parishioners. I found that was an excellent practice. Would you consider this suggestion to practice permanently in this church? Thank you, Father.
Response: The priest or deacon may intinct; however, this would mean that everyone would be required to receive on the tongue. Please remember that Jesus is present, body and blood, soul and divinity, in the consecrated bread.

Suggestion: There are not enough handicapped parking spaces close to the church entrance. Why did you take 2 of them for the visiting priest and the winner of the auction? (They are almost always empty)
Response: We actually added several handicapped spaces after the new church opened. The spaces for clergy and the auction winner were taken from regular parking spaces. We will refer this concern to our facilities staff for evaluation.
Suggestion: It looks so small. Don't have room. Change color blue.
Response:  We need more information in order to provide an adequate response.
Suggestion: Dear Father Forge, I am very concerned. (The writer mentioned a personnel matter.)
Response: There was a concern submitted with regard to a confidential matter. Although it was addressed, we are not able to publish personnel-related information.
Suggestion: We need to pray for vocations and for holy men! I am visiting from another state. I was appalled at the immodest dress of so many men. (shorts & sandals) These men are in need of instruction in proper dress.
Response: Thank you for your observation. We have noticed this ourselves. It is never appropriate to come to church dressed in a way that is not respectful.
Suggestion: Texting is becoming a problem. I suggest the ushers ask the individual to turn off the cell phone. (name)
Response: Thank you for your observation. It is never appropriate to send or receive text messages during Mass. We hope adults will use common sense and common courtesy and will encourage their children to do the same.
The following suggestion was submitted in Spanish.
La sugerencia siguiente fue sometida en español:
Sugerencia: Dios quida me por favor.
Respuesta: Oramos para todos nuestros parroquianos en cada Misa
Suggestion: God take care of me please.
Response: We pray for all of our parishioners at every Mass.
Sugerencia: Le agradezco muchisimo su hermosa oración de sanación en la cual se hace presente el Espíritu Santo y el amor de Dios. Que Dios lo bendiga y ayuda a seguir siempre sirviéndole fielmente de ese manera tan carismática Padre Michael. Le pido que cuando se acuerde siempre le pida al senor por la sanación de Divarry. Gracias!
Suggestion: I appreciate very much your beautiful prayer of healing in which the Holy Spirit is present and the love of God. May God bless you and continue to always help you faithfully serve in this charismatic manner, Father Michael. I ask that when you remember, always ask our Lord for the healing of Divarry. Thanks!

June 2009

Suggestion: Put on a new coat of paint
Response: Please contact us with further details so that we can identify the areas you have identified as needing to be painted. Thanks!
Suggestion: Dear Father, the ceiling in the women's restroom needs repair. Thanks!
Response: Thank you; we will inform our facilities manager.
Suggestion: Please consider moderating temperature in church. It's too cold. Save energy.
Response: Adjustments have been made, and this has been addressed. Thanks.
Suggestion: Please arrange for a mail slot of some kind near the parish office so we can leave a payment or donation after hours. Thank you.
Response: This suggestion will be directed to our Finance Council for approval
Suggestion: More active youth groups both in English and Spanish masses
Response: Our Music Ministry and Youth Ministry leaders have had announcements in the bulletin for several months asking for volunteers to help make this happen. We would welcome your participation.

Suggestion: Father Forge, Is it possible to say the Angelus after the 5:30 PM mass? St. Ann church in Coppell says the Angelus before the 12 noon mass. St. Catherine's church in Peter's Colony street says the St. Francis prayers and one prayer (I forget) after the 8:30 AM mass. And one prayer to God the Father before the mass. All Saints church in Arapaho says the St. Michael the Archangel prayer after the 6:30 AM & 9:30 AM mass too. Since 6 PM is the Angelus, is it possible if you could lead in the Angelus prayer or Msgr. Sagra whoever said the mass at 5:30 pm. I hope you will say yes, Father. Thank you.
Response:  Thank you for your suggestion.  The Angelus, a beautiful tradition, can be led by any member of the faithful, not only an ordained minister.  Since the 5:30 PM Mass doesn’t always end at exactly 6:00 PM it would be more appropriate to have an individual 0r a group take responsibility for leading the Angelus at 6:00 PM.  We can ask around and see if the Rosary group that meets after the 5:30 PM Mass would like to take responsibility for leading the Angelus.  If you would like to take the lead on this, please feel free to contact Fr. Michael directly to make arrangements for this. 
Suggestion: Please wait until we are through praying until the 2nd collections are in our face.
 Response: Prayer is very individual; it would be difficult to tell when everyone is finished praying. Waiting would extend the Mass time and add to the congestion and crowding between Masses, which is a safety factor.
Suggestion: Dear Father Michael, Many of us have to go to work early and the only time we can go to daily mass is early in the morning. If we cannot attend the 6:30 AM mass, we cannot go at any other time. Please reconsider your decision to stop the 6:30 mass. It is our daily spiritual food. Thanks. You are our shepherd, we are your sheeps.
Response: First of all, please continue to pray for vocations. We have now increased the daily opportunities to receive the Eucharist to 3 times a day during the week: the Communion Service at 6:30 AM, as well as the 8:00 Mass and the 5:30 PM Mass.
Suggestion: Have a whole day talking about each commandment. Anonymous.
Response: Please contact us with further details.
Suggestion: Charge less for camp outs please.
Response: We don’t have enough information to know which camp outs you mean. There are several events of this nature from the various organizations.
Suggestion: We ask for more camp outs.
Response: We need more information to know which camp outs you mean. There are several events of this nature from the various organizations. Please talk to the leaders of your group about this. Let us know what you find out.
Suggestion: Father Michael, (my husband) and I were admiring the wall plaque listing the names of the donors for the new piano. We were wondering if something similar could be done for the names of the donors for the building of the new church. The typed lists of names were first posted so there could be any additional corrections or changes made if necessary. Since the new church was dedicated in April of 2006 surely after 3 years all changes have been made. The typed lists do look a bit shabby and don't add anything to the look of the church.
Response: This is in the works.
Suggestion: Why don't we make snack time?
Response: We do not have snacks during Mass. Where and when did you want snacks to be served?
The following suggestions were submitted in Spanish.
Las sugerencias siguiente fue sometida en español:
Sugerencia: Que nos esforcemos por ser mas unidos, que en cada misa, nos tomemos unos minutos para dialogar, y llegar a la conclusion de que cada uno de nosotros necesitamos comunicarnos y ser mas hermanables.
Tratar de hacer amistad, y ayudarnos tanto moral, como espiritualmente y porque no materialmente tambien los que tengamos algo extra.
Espero en Dios que asi sea ya que son mis mejores deseos.
-Te pido Virgen que protejes con tu mento a toda mi familia de todo mal y peligro y sobre todo de muchas salud.
-Solicito que nombren a mis abuelos por favor Ramiro Mendiola y Eva Coronado de Mendiola por su 43 aniversario y si los puedo bendicir al fina. Gracias.
-Yo pienso que todos nosotros los Catolicos; deberiamos de ser mas unidos, por amor a Nuestro Padre banlasloso. Tal vez recomiendonos y estudiar su palabra eso seria....magnifico. Gracias por su fina atención.
Respuesta: Gracias por tu oración. Si tiene mas preguntas o intenciones, llame a la oficina y pueden ayudarle con la Cadena do Oración.
Sugerencia: El Ángelo del centro no coordina con la decoración de la Iglesia.
Respuesta: Puede darnos más detalles, por favor?

February - May 2009


Suggestion: Please announce at mass no food, no drinks, no gum in chapel or church.
Response: An announcement will be made periodically at mass.
Suggestion: Thank you for the Gregorian chants that are playing. It is wonderful to hear during meditation in the chapel.
Response: You are welcome!
Suggestion: I like to be able to read the responsorial psalm. Could we use one that's in the book and have the song number posted?
Response: Thank you for being an active participant in the Liturgy of the Word! The text of the responsorial psalm is printed in the missalette directly after the first reading. The Music Director and the choirs prepare the musical version of the psalm from choir publications which correspond to the liturgy. Every effort is made to find a musical arrangement in which the wording matches the wording in the missalette as closely as possible. We hope you will consider joining the choir; new members are always welcome.
Suggestion:  Please let us take both bread and wine. Throughout history the Catholic Church had been cutting corners. Some churches already cut the wine (blood of Jesus C) to poor sinners. Now, please for our sake do not run out of wine and just walk away. Have another chalice ready so when on is finished right away to go bring the other one. Why do you willingly negligent deny us to take away the blood. Why only the bread without the blood. Do not leave us standing in humiliation that we couldn't take the wine (because there is no more)
Response: This is an opportunity to remind all of our parishioners that the consecrated host is the body and blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ. There is no need to feel like the Eucharist is incomplete without the wine. The appropriate amount of wine to be consecrated is not always possible to predict because not everyone chooses to drink from the cup. Please remember that if there are consecrated hosts left after communion, they may be placed back in the tabernacle; however, if there is consecrated wine left over, it must be consumed immediately by the ministers of communion.
Suggestion: Need to make the “welcome” a true spiritual welcoming by recognizing visitors. No need for standing but acknowledge them as they raise their hands. (name and phone #)
Response: A Welcoming Committee has been formed and is looking at a variety of ways to create an atmosphere where all feel welcome.
Suggestion: Are guest speakers from missions and charities given any guidelines by the diocese? Please make sure they are aware that we have back-to-back masses. Last Sunday was a mess. The 10:30 mass lasted until 11:50, and it was very dangerous trying to get into the parking lot and church.   The 12:00 mass was late getting started and lasted until 1:25. So then it was the same craziness trying to get out of the church and the parking lot when people were arriving for the next mass. Also, it was not necessary for the visiting priest to go through the brochure page by page. He could have made his key points (on how to help the poor) more effectively in half the time. He could use some preaching tips from Father Michael and Father Bradley.
Response: Father Michael has shared this feedback with the Food for the Poor headquarters so that they can take it into account for the future. Although there might have been some logistical inconveniences created by the length of the homily, our generous parishioners contributed over $17,000 to this worthy cause.
Suggestion: The lectors need to be funnier and more convincing.
Response: A lector’s responsibility is to proclaim the Word of the Lord with reverence and dignity. Our lectors take part in annual update training and spiritual renewal sessions. However, providing entertainment is not part of their assigned role in the lector ministry.
The following suggestions were submitted in Spanish:
La sugerencia siguiente fue sometida en español:
Suggestion: Please let there be a mass at 5:30 on First Fridays. Our family does First Fridays and we do not want to stop attending.
Sugerencia: Por favor que aya misa de 5:30 los viernes primero pues yo y mi familia hacemos los viernes primeros, y no los queremos cortar.
Response: If mass is requested in Spanish let us pray for vocations. Mary Immaculate offers mass every day at 5:30pm in English.
La respuesta: Si esta pidiendo misa en español oremos por vocaciones. Nosotros en María Inmaculada ofrecemos misa todos los días a las 5.30 de la tarde en Ingles.
Sugerencia: Por favor necesitamos misa los viernes primero at la 5:30 de la tarde. (name)
Respuesta; Si esta pidiendo misa en Español oremos por vocaciones. Nosotros en María Inmaculada ofrecemos misa todos los días a las 5.30 de la tarde.
Suggestion: Please we need mass First Fridays at 5:30 in the evening.
Response; If mass is requested in Spanish let us pray for vocations. Mary Immaculate offers mass every day at 5:30pm.
Sugerencia: En este iglesia, que es la casa de Dios, seamos mas hermanbiles y unidos todos, por amor a Dios y que unidos progresemos mas y mas in la palabra de Dios; que cada vez la entendemos mas y que semos obedientes con Dios nuestro Senor; que dejimos todo egiesmo y seamos mas justo. Que Dios los bendiga a todos ustedbes y a mi que no me olvide. (name and phone #) 
Respuesta: Gracias por su oración.
Suggestion:  In this church, that is the house of God, I pray that we be united in God with brotherly love and that united we can progress more and more with the word of God; that every day we be more obedient with God our Lord; that we leave all egotism and be more just. May God bless you all and may he not forget me. 
Response: Thank you for your prayer.
Suggestion: Can our church please have blessing of the throats on St. Blaise's feast day next year?
Response: We normally do this at the daily Mass on the feast of St. Blaise, but due to an oversight it was omitted this year. Thanks for the reminder.
Suggestion: Father Michael, thank you for all that you do for us. My suggestion: We are in the middle of the flu season.  Schools have closed because of this and personal contact is the main culprit. I suggest during this period that at the time of the offering of the sign of peace we make no hand contact but raise a hand or slight bow as acknowledgement. Also, the Eucharistic ministers are in a habit of blessing children by laying a hand on the head of the child and continues distributing the host with that hand; another way to spread the flu. Just a thought. Maybe I need more faith that God will protect. God bless! (name)
Response: Thanks for your concern. The Bishops generally advise us to use common sense in these matters. We will share these thoughts with our Extraordinary Ministers and will discuss ways to be prudent.
Suggestion: Please practice the names of people to be prayed for during the petitions. Too many names are being unnecessarily mutilated and mispronounced.
Response: This is a valid point. We do ask our lectors and deacons to practice beforehand, but sometimes when the list of names is very lengthy, it can become a challenge. We are evaluating options to see how we can best ensure that everyone who seeks our prayers is included in a meaningful way.

Suggestion: Please a waste basket outside the entrance door labeled “gum only”.
Response: This will be referred to the facilities manager.

Suggestion: We need the Stephan Ministry in our parish. Many of us who are handicapped, disabled and/or housebound have very little contact with church. St. Monica's is very active with this, I have heard. God bless.
Response: Thank you for your suggestion. We will pass this recommendation to our Family Life Ministry for research. We do have a “Grief/Bereavement” ministry at Mary Immaculate. Please contact Family Life Ministry for further information.
Suggestion: Please for the sake of souls
1.       If confession are at 6:00 to 6:30 the souls have in mind that if they made it at 6:30 we still can be confess because it says 6:00 to 6:30 P.M or 8:30 A.M. To 9:00 A.M. On the other hand once is 6:30 or 9:0 A.M. Jesus chosen sons leave the confessional room right at 6:30 or 9:00. No one must leave the confessional room until the last soul sitting in the pew has made reparation for their sin. That day could be someone's last day. If die in sin you will see that soul din torment when you die.
2.       I would like to see if you can change confessional times if they can be before masses. It's so dangerous for a soul to receive bread and wine then confess.
3.       Jesus is asking out of love if His chosen sons can spend more days and time in the confessional rooms for the sake of souls. There is so many souls that are willing to make reparation.
4.       Thank you for listening.
Response: to #1: Thank you for your concerns about Mary Immaculate’s reconciliation schedule. Since we have only two priests, there are only so many times we can schedule confessions around their schedules. Many times the priests have prior commitments such as Baptisms or other parish-related events and must leave on time. As a reminder, there is no confession held during Holy Week.
Response: to #2: Our priests are preparing for Mass at that time; there is not enough time between Masses to allow for reconciliation at that time.
Response: to #3: Please pray for vocations. We need more priests to accommodate all the needs of the parish.
Response: to #4: You are welcome!
Suggestion: Father, I have some concerns about the 8th grade confirmation program that I would like to discuss. (name and phone #)
Response: Fr. Michael will contact you about the 8th grade confirmation.
Suggestion: Ahh, your church is so nice! Call me for help in my marriage! Please. (phone #)
Response: Fr. Michael will contact you. 
Suggestion: It was early Sunday morning 2 weeks ago and I was awakened by these words: reaching out. I went straight to my computer and this is what I put together. How can we reach out and is it possible to bring the mass to people that are ill. I went to mass that day only to realize that Samuel was also awakened by God's calling in the reading. I suggested my thoughts to Father Michael. He said put it in the suggestion box. I don't have satellite or cable and last week I was ill and not able to attend mass. It would have been nice to be able to view mass on my computer. And I am left with this concept: can we record the mass and put it on the website? In Jesus Christ all things are possible. (name)
Response: We do not currently have the technology to record a Mass and place it on our website. However, Masses can be heard daily at 7:00 AM on Guadalupe Radio at KATH station 910 am or KJON 850 am (Español). Also, a daily Mass can be watched on the internet at or
Suggestion: More confessions. Please.
Response: Since we have only two priests, there are only so many times we can schedule confessions around their schedules. Many times the priests have prior commitments such as Baptisms or other parish-related events. Please pray for vocations. We need more priests to accommodate all the needs of the parish.
Suggestion: Besides having a sign up table for ministries one weekend a year, it would be nice to have one ministry or organization highlighted each week in a certain spot in the bulletin. For example: one week, spotlight on the AIDS Supper Club. The next week spotlight on the Prayer Shawl Ministry. That would help raise awareness of the variety of programs in our church and maybe more people would sign up.
Response: Good idea!  We will check with the welcoming committee to see if they want to take this on
Suggestion: Senior parishioners need to apply for Kroger's senior card. They can save 10% on Kroger brands and still help the parish make some funds.
Response: There are two different cards, the Kroger Plus and the Kroger Gift Card. We encourage all our parishioners to use the reloadable Kroger Gift Card.
Suggestion: Possibly when the parish has a mission all meeting and classes during that week could be canceled so people will go to the mission. (name)
Response: Good observation. This needs to be coordinated by the church staff.
The following suggestion was submitted in Spanish.
La sugerencia siguiente fue sometida en español:
Sugerencia: Yo sugiero qu seamos mas unidos todos nosotros los Católicos, con Dios manda y sigamos sus buenos ejemplos y hagamos su Divina voluntad. Llevanda a saba los 10 mandamientos. No fornicanos; honraros a tu padre y a tu madre; no mataras, no dejas el nombre de Dios en vano; amaras a tu próximo como a ti mismo, etc. etc. Yo he tratado de cumplir con todo esto y siento un gran felicidad, ya que considera qu su Espíritu de Dios esta conmigo, y El me ayuda siempre, por mas problemas que tengamos, hay que tener paciencia y confiar en El nos ayuda. Y es El quieren realmente nos ama. Gracias por su fina atención, y que Dios N. S. los bendiga, son mis mejores deseas. (name)
Respuesta: Gracias por tu oracion. 

January 2009

Suggestion: Clean the church.
Response: We have on staff one person that cleans our offices, church and restrooms for 5000 parishioners. We believe he does a great job. However if any one is interested in starting a group of volunteers to have a spring clean day, we could help the janitor.
Suggestion: More signs saying no food and drink allowed in church.
Response: Several signs are posted entering the east doors and in the narthex before entering the church.
Suggestion: “Eucharistic Chapel of Divine Mercy” sign, “E” in the word “Mercy” looks like an “F”.
Response: The sign was reported as needing repair to office staff and hopefully is repaired by now.

Suggestion: Please make the two front pews for the handicapped.
Response: Handicapped pews are available all around the front of the altar area and are almost always empty.
The following suggestion was submitted in Spanish:
La sugerencia siguiente fue sometida en español:
Suggestion: A small container with water for the flowers.
Sugerencia: Un pequeño contenedor para poder poner agua a los floreros.
Response: The office upon request will provide vases and containers for water.
La respuesta: La iglesia proveerá los floreros y los cantaros del agua lo único que se debe hacer es llamar a la oficina y poner su petición.
Suggestion: Put a container in the narthex to collect box tops for education for those of us who don't have occasion to go into the school. Put a notice in the bulletin so everyone will know about this and can help out along with our recycling efforts, etc. The money raised funds the purchase of classroom learning materials, school computers, etc. Find the box tops and labels on 100's of common grocery items; Campbell's products, Betty Crocker, and many more.
Response: Due to space limitations in the narthex, we ask that any box tops be delivered to the school or placed in an envelope to be turned in to the church office.
Suggestion: More pastors written comments in the weekly bulletin.
Response: We would like to get the Pastor’s Desk column in the bulletin at least once a month.  Unfortunately, a lot depends upon the Pastor’s schedule and availability to write the column by deadline.  He will, however, do his best to publish the column on a regular basis.
Suggestion: Finalize the church memorial plaque program.
Response: This project will begin mid spring and possibly be completed by mid or late summer.
Suggestion: The MI marquee, instead of birthdays, how about a Catholic educator's quote or scriptural quote.
Response: The marquee is owned and maintained by the school, which auctions the birthday notices. Funds raised by the auctions help support the school.
The following suggestion was submitted in Spanish.
La sugerencia siguiente fue sometida en español:
Suggestion: Please more promotion of Catholic radio, 850 AM in Spanish and 910 AM in English.
Sugerencia: Por favor promocionen más al radio Católica 850 AM en Español y 910 AM en Ingles.
Response: Dave Palmer from the Guadalupe Radio Network has been to Mary Immaculate to speak about and promote Catholic radio. In addition, the weekly bulletin advertises the radio stations and fliers are available in the narthex.
La respuesta: Dave Palmer, de Guadalupe Radio Network, ha estado en Mary Inmaculada para hablar acerca de y promover la radio católica. Además, el boletín anuncia las emisoras y los folletos están disponibles en el vestíbulo.
Suggestion: In my opinion I think it would be great if you put a board where the community could put their cards. Announcements going outside. New businesses.
Response: In order to be fair to all, our Parish Finance Council has a policy of not promoting particular businesses. This type of “announcement board” is difficult to monitor and must be screened on a daily basis to make sure there are no inappropriate or outdated postings. We encourage parishioners to share information on their businesses through the advertising opportunities available in church bulletins and in the Texas Catholic.
Suggestion: There should be a nursery for the babies.
Response: The narthex, which is located in the entrance to the church, has been designated as the area parents can take crying babies or small children. There are speakers in the narthex which allow you to listen to the mass while attending to your children. Unfortunately, due to space limitations and the safe environment program it is not feasible to have a nursery at this time.
The following suggestion was submitted in Spanish.
La sugerencia siguiente fue sometida en español:
Suggestion: It would be nice if we had a place with religious articles: books, pro-life rosaries, art, bibles, or bible tabs. This is also a way to educate the parishioners.
Sugerencia: Seria muy bueno si hubiera un lugar para artículos religiosos: libros, rosarios pro-vida, cuadros, biblias, separadores para las biblias, etc. También esta es un modo de educar a los parroquianos.
Response: There is a Catholic Arts store located on Valwood Parkway in Farmers Branch. There are also other Catholic religious websites where you can purchase items. Our church does not have a separate area to store and sell religious items. We would also need people from our parish to man the store and buy the items.
La respuesta: Hay una tienda, Catholic Art & Gifts, situado en Valwood Parkway en Farmers Branch. Hay también otros sitios por la Internet tocante religiosos católicos donde usted puede comprar artículos. Nuestra iglesia no tiene área separada para almacenar y vender artículos religiosos. También necesitaríamos a personas de nuestra parroquia para vender los artículos.
Suggestion: Play the chant music regularly before mass and during confession times as it masks distracting sounds and focuses people on prayer.
Response: Thank you; we have received many compliments on the chant music. It is played before and after Masses on Sundays.  We are currently looking for a volunteer or volunteers who will agree to turn it on in the morning and off in the evening during the week days.
Suggestion: Next month, and forever, could maybe every third holy hour be a silent one? I went in the evening (7:40 or so) and had only about 10 – 15 quiet moments. (The rosary began in Spanish so I left.)
Response: The various prayer groups have been asked to respect the preference for quiet prayer time during holy hour.
The following suggestion was submitted in Spanish.
La sugerencia siguiente fue sometida en español:
Suggestion: A holy hour for families.
Sugerencia: Santa hora para las familias.
Response: Parents are welcome to bring children to the holy hour and to nurture the concept of quiet, individual prayer. For the safety of the children, and to maintain a prayerful atmosphere, it is important that parents make sure the children are supervised throughout this prayer time and that they understand the purpose of holy hour.
La respuesta: Los padres están libre de traer niños a la hora santa y para alimentar el concepto de la calma, oración individual. Para la seguridad de los niños, y para mantener una atmósfera de oración, es importante que los niños estén supervisados durante este tiempo de oración y que ellos comprenden el propósito de hora santa.
The following suggestion was submitted in Spanish.
La sugerencia siguiente fue sometida en español:
Suggestion: One hour of Blessed Sacrament.
Sugerencia: Una hora santa.
Response: We’re not sure exactly what is being suggested here. The Blessed Sacrament is present in the chapel at all times except for Good Friday. There are several scheduled opportunities for prayer and adoration in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. Dates and times are advertised in the bulletin.
La respuesta: No estamos seguros exactamente lo que es sugerido aquí. El Sacramento Bendito esta siempre presente en la capilla menos el Viernes Santo. Hay varios oportunidades horarios para oración y adoración en la presencia del Sacramento Bendito. Las fechas y los tiempos son anunciados en el boletín.
Suggestion: The altar and flowers are quite beautiful. As a suggestion it would be nice to see the lectern for readings and homily. Msgr. Andy is not very tall. So much on the altar is a little distracting to the center of our worship which is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
Response: Thank you for noticing the lovely appearance of the altar. We do have guidelines and limitations about what is permitted on the altar in order to keep the focus on the liturgy. Some of the items on the altar, such as the candles, are part of the liturgy. The Art and Environment Committee works with the Pastor in determining the appropriateness of the altar area decorations.
The following suggestion was submitted in Spanish.
La sugerencia siguiente fue sometida en español:
Suggestion: We need a priest who speaks better Spanish.
Sugerencia: Un padre que habla mejor español. 
Response: Many of the priests and deacons in our diocese are not native Spanish speakers and have undertaken the study of the Spanish language to better serve their parishioners. Until such time as vocations come from the Spanish speaking community, all we as a parish can do is pray for vocations.
La respuesta: Muchos de los sacerdotes y diáconos en nuestra diócesis no son oradores de lengua maternas y han estudiado la idioma español para mejor servir a sus parroquianos. Hasta que tal tiempo como vocaciónes vengan de la comunidad hispana, todo lo que podemos hacer como una parroquia, es hacer oraciónes para vocaciónes.
The following suggestion was submitted in Spanish.
La sugerencia siguiente fue sometida en español:
Suggestion: The Spanish mass in the afternoon can barely be understood.
Sugerencia: La misa de español en la tarde casi no se entiende.
Response: The meaning of this suggestion was unclear. This could refer to several different problems. 
·        If this refers to the sound system or acoustics, then it may help to sit in one of the middle sections. The sound on the sides of the altar, close to the large stained glass windows is not as good as it is in the middle sections.
·        If this refers to the noise level in the congregation during mass, then you may consider reminding your noisy neighbor, in a loving and prayerful manner, that the sanctuary is a place of prayer and worship, not for conversation. 
·        If this refers to the ability of the priest to speak Spanish, then as suggested in the previous section, pray for vocations for native Spanish speaking priests.
La respuesta: Esta sugerencia no está claro. Esto se podría referirse a varios problemas diferentes.
·        Si esto se refiere al sistema de sonido o la acústica, entonces sera mejor sentarse en una de las secciónes medianas. El sonido en los lados del altar, cerca a las vidrieras grandes no es tan bueno como en las secciónes medianas.
·        Si esto se refiere al ruido en la congregación durante la misa, entonces usted puede considerar a recordar a su vecino ruidoso, en una manera amoroso y piadoso, que el santuario es un lugar de oración y adoración, no para conversación.
·        Si esto se refiere a la habilidad del sacerdote hablar español, entonces como sugerido en la sección anterior, por favor hagan oraciónes de vocaciónes para sacerdotes hispanos en sus lengua maternas.
The following suggestion was submitted in Spanish.
La sugerencia siguiente fue sometida en español:
Suggestion: The Spanish mass should not be late.
Sugerencia: Que no sea tarde la misa.
Response: Again, the meaning of this suggestion was unclear. 
·        If this refers to the mass starting after its scheduled time, we hope this is an isolated incident. The priests are aware of the mass times and do their best to start on time.
·        If this refers to the scheduled time of the mass being too late in the afternoon, there are seven masses on Sunday and time must be allowed for traffic to flow in and out between masses. The Spanish mass has been scheduled later in the afternoon to allow those who must work on Sunday an opportunity to attend mass after work. We have received many favorable comments about the late Spanish mass on Sunday. Many parishioners have said if this mass were scheduled earlier they would not be able to attend mass at all on Sunday. 
La respuesta: Otra vez, esta sugerencia no está claro.
·        Si esto se refiere a la misa que comienza después de la hora debida, nosotros esperamos que esto sea un incidente aislado. Los sacerdotes están de acuerdo del tiempo de las misas y hacen lo mejor para comenzar a la hora.
·        Si esto se refiere a la hora de la misa que es muy tarde en el día, hay siete misas el domingo y el tráfico del estacionamento se tiene que dar consideración. La misa de español se ha echo más tarde para permitir a los que tienen que trabajar el domingo una oportunidad de asistir la misa después del trabajo.   Hemos recibido muchos comentarios favorables de esta misa en español los domingos por la tarde. Muchos parroquianos han dicho que si esta misa fuera planificada antes, ellos no podrían asistir a la misa el domingo.
Suggestion: Invite those in attendance who feel they have been hurt by the church to speak with a deacon after mass.
Response: We will look into scheduling this during certain times of the year. 
Suggestion: Put in the bulletin an invitation to have people sign up to have their houses blessed.
Response: Again, please pray for vocations. There are over five thousand families in our parish and only two priests and two deacons. 
Suggestion: For our sake, please for the sake of our souls re-institute the 33 signs of the cross.
Response: Mary Immaculate follows the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, the most recent version of which was published in 2002 and is authorized by the Pope.