Small Faith Communities

Small Faith Communities are groups of 8-12 adult parishioners who regularly gather in each other's homes to 

Learn Together
Pray Together
Serve Together
Play Together

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are in a group?

8-12 adults

Where do groups meet?

Groups meet in the homes of group members. That’s why we want to keep the groups small, so they
can comfortably meet in each other’s homes.

When do groups meet?

When you fill out your registration form, you can indicate what days and times work best for you. We will put you with a group of people who have the same availability as you.

How often do groups meet?

Groups meet twice a month. Each group will determine which weeks the group will meet. (example – 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month or 2nd and 4th Sundays.)

Are kids included?

Of course! Children are part of the community as well, but each group will determine how and when to include the children. It is important for the adults to be spiritually fed without distractions or responsibilities. When the adults are fed, they are better equipped to be the primary teachers of their children, which is what all parents are called to be.

Who can join a small faith community?

Any adult Mary Immaculate parishioner. Singles, marrieds, marrieds with children of all ages, empty
nesters, divorced, widowed. Small Faith Communities are for everyone!

Can I be in a group with other people in the same stage of life as I am?

Yes. The registration form allows you to state whether you want to be in a group in the same stage of life as you, or if you would prefer to be in a group with a variety of ages and stages.

What if my spouse is not interested?

That’s fine. Don’t let that keep you from joining a group yourself. Over time, maybe your spouse will
see how much you enjoy your small faith community and decide to join later!

Is there any cost?

In order to provide the Small Faith Communities with enough programs, each person or couple will be asked to pay a $20 fee once a year.

Can we invite friends to the meetings?

Small faith communities need time to get established. During phase 1, we ask that no additional
members or people from outside the group be included.

Can new people join my group?

After Phase 1, a SFC may invite others to join, but we recommend keeping your group within the 8-12 member guideline. Also, the addition of new members must be agreed upon by a mutual decision of the group.

what is the phase process?

There are 2 Phases of Small Faith Communities.

Phase 1 – Consists of 10 meetings and one service project.  Groups will meet twice a month over 5 months (10 meetings) and follow the beginning program provided by the parish.  This is a period of getting to know each other, learning some basics about the Catholic faith, and developing a community prayer life.  We encourage each group to engage in at least one service project during phase one. 

Phase 2 – After the completion of phase one, your small faith community will continue to meet twice a month following the same format, but using a program of your choosing.  The parish will have resources available for SFCs to use.  These will include suggested books to read and discuss, dvds, study programs etc. We suggest you give your small faith community a name to give your group more of a sense of unity and identity.  Choose a name that reflects the personality or experiences of your group.  Perhaps a particular saint or doctrine has emerged as a favorite among your group.  (Examples – Blessed Sacrament Community, Community of St. Peter, Community of Divine Mercy, etc.)

How long is phase 1?

5 months. Each group will meet twice a month for a total of 10 meetings.

How long is phase 2?

Phase 2 lasts as long as your group wishes to stay together. Some of the original guilds have met for
more than 50 years!

What if I don’t like my group? Can I move to another group?

Try to hang in there! The people you can’t relate to at first may become your best friends over time.
But accommodations can be made if necessary.

What if my group falls apart?

If a group disbands, members may be asked to be put into other existing groups or form new groups.
We will find a place for you!

Can I form my own group?

Yes. If you form your own small faith community, we ask that you do the following:

  1. Register your group with the parish
  2. Limit your group to 8-12 adults so that you can comfortably meet in each other’s homes.
  3. Be open to new members. If your group has fewer than 8-12 adults, we may ask if you are willing to add some other members. New friends are good!