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Apply for Safe Environment Certification

The Process

There are TWO parts to the Safe Environment Volunteer Process:

  1. Initial Screening
  2. Update Training

Initial Screening

  1. Complete the Diocese Screening Form. To do this, please make an appointment with Erma Perez in the Main Office. 
  2. View the 'Family of Faith' video featuring Bishop Farrell. (Video available in the church office)
  3. Read Two Documents:
    • Diocese of Dallas Safe Environment Program for Diocesan Entities
    • Policy on Sexual Misconduct for the Diocese of Dallas
  4. Sign and Return: Safe Environment Program Booklet Acknowledgment Form


Once a person has been screened and cleared for service, in order to retain an "active" status, the person must update their training annually.  If a volunteer fails to meet this requirement, he/she will become immediately ineligible to continue to serve.  If volunteers wish to "reinstate" their eligibility, they will be required to update their training.