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Are you in need of prayer?

We believe that prayer CAN move mountains.

Mary Immaculate's Arise Ministry is here for you in your time of need. We have certified prayer teams who have special training in private, prayer ministry. Our staff will meet with you at a mutually agreed upon time for a 45 minute session located at Mary Immaculate Catholic Church (2800 Valwood Pkwy, Farmers Branch, TX 75234).

We will work with your schedule to find the best time for you to receive prayer. It typically takes 24-72 hours to confirm your appointment after you have submitted an appointment request. The details of your appointment will be kept entirely confidential.

....Or, stay after Mass for a quick prayer session

Every sunday after the 10:30AM Mass

Looking for a quick prophetic word? Challenging week coming up and needing some extra prayer? Each week following the 10:30am Mass, trained teams of intercessors are available to intercede with you for your intentions. Just walk up towards the altar after Mass. Our teams will be waiting in the front with special "Arise Worship Ministry" lanyards. 

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Name of Supplicant
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We will choose your prayer team based on your needs and situation. You do not have to share your entire story here, but by letting us know a brief summary of your situation, we can ensure the best team is assembled for you.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the prayer session take place? 

All sessions take place in private rooms at Mary Immaculate Catholic Church [2800 Valwood Pkwy, Farmers Branch, TX 75234]

Is there an age requirement?

All minors (under 18) MUST be accompanied by an adult parent or guardian. 

How will the prayer session begin?

The prayer team will ask for your name, introduce themselves and ask what specifically they can pray with you for. Each team has a leader. They will ask your permission to touch you (place a hand on your arm or shoulder, or hold your hands). They may ask your permission to quietly pray in tongues while praying for you. But you are always free to say no, and it will not hinder your prayer experience or offend anyone. The prayer team is there for YOU.

Do I have to tell them the details of my story?

No. God knows what is in your heart and everything that you need. Share only as much as you feel comfortable.  Everything shared will always be kept completely confidential.

What if I am uncomfortable?

It is important that YOU are comfortable. Be honest with the prayer team concerning your comfort zone. If you prefer to not be touched or have people pray in tongues, say “NO”. It does not minimize the prayer experience nor does it offend anyone.  You can change your mind during the prayer session. For example, if someone places a hand on your shoulder, but later, it becomes heavy and uncomfortable, ask them to stop. If at any moment, if you want the prayer session to end, please politely tell the prayer team you are done and it will stop.

Will they give me advice to help me solve my problems?      

No. Our prayers teams are instructed to not give advice or counsel, but rather to take all of your prayers and petitions to Jesus Christ. During your session, prayer team members may share insights with you that they receive. If they do, they will ASK if the thoughts they receive mean something to you.  These insights are for YOUR DISCERNMENT.  Only you can discern if they are of value or not to you.