Our New Mary Immaculate Branding

Hail Mary fairest flower, O Lily glistening white and stainless!
— Deas, 1898


The symbol is made up of a lily shape rotated to form a design evocative of stained glass rose windows, and also creates a cross in the center. The lily is a symbol of chastity, innocence and purity, and is frequently depicted in the angel Gabriel's hand in portrayals of the Annunciation. As Mary Immaculate Catholic Church, we strive to image Our Lady who is the fairest of our race.


Our Colors

The teal and gold color scheme is a fresh take on the Marian palette. The gold brings us back to our traditional and faithful Catholic roots, while teal promotes inner healing and spiritual growth. Beneath our Patroness and Mother, Mary Immaculate Catholic Church remains faithful to the Magisterial and provides a maternal shelter where the flock may find healing and restoration in Jesus Christ our Savior.


Our Brand

Just like the brands we regularly recognize in the secular world around us, our desire is to have Mary Immaculate's brand recognized throughout Farmers Branch, the Diocese of Dallas, and wherever the Lord takes us. We believe that, through God's grace and the intercession of Mary Immaculate, God desires to use the faithful to witness to His love and mercy. And if a car sticker or a t-shirt can help start conversations - praise be to God.