Volunteer Opportunities

The joy of service | Current volunteer opportunities at mary immaculate


When a member of our community dies, Funeral Meals Ministry hosts a post-Mass reception in honor of the lost loved one and grieving family. Volunteers are needed for:

Set up, serving and clean up for Funeral Receptions.  Receptions are held in the parish hall and usually take place Mondays-Fridays during the day. To join the SERVING GROUP, contact Clara P. Carneiro clarac@maryimmaculatechurch.org

Providing food for receptions.  Volunteers are contacted via e-mail or by phone and asked to provide salads, side dishes and desserts(homemade preferred but not necessary).  To join the FOOD GROUP, contact Clara P. Carneiro clarac@maryimmaculatechurch.org

Volunteer for a cooking day!  Casseroles and other items that can be made ahead of time and frozen, will be made at these community cooking days.  Join the fun!  To receive e-mail alerts for upcoming COOKING DAYS, contact Clara P. Carneiro clarac@maryimmaculatechurch.org


Prayer Shawl Ministry 

The mission of the Mary Immaculate Prayer Shawl Ministry is to bring together people of similar interests to share in fellowship and to use our time and talents to produce prayer shawls that will be given away to help spread the message of God’s mercy, love and compassion.

Meetings are held the third Saturday of the month at 9:00 a.m. in the Mary Immaculate Conference Room. . The ministry is open to anyone who has the skills to knit or crochet.  Additional hands are always needed! Whether you knit or crochet quickly or slowly, your help is valuable to make our mission succeed. Additionally, if you would like to learn to knit or crochet so you can become a part of the ministry, please call  Brigitta Norman at 972-247-8125 (brigittan77@gmail.com) or for Spanish speaking only requests, Esther Guerrero at 972-247-5697.

We appreciate donations to help replace the cost of yarn!



EMs to the Sick bring Jesus to those who are not able to travel to Mass for any reason.  To participate in this ministry, or if you know of someone that would like a visit, please let us know! 



Volunteers pick up those mobile homebound who would like to attend weekend Mass at Mary Immaculate.