"The joy of love experienced by families is also the joy of the Church" - Amoris laetitia, 1


About Marriage

We are delighted you are seeking to get married at Mary Immaculate Church! The Church is here for you, not only to plan your wedding, but, more importantly, to help you prepare for sacramental married life. The following is a simple overview of what you can expect.

The Process

1. At least 6 months prior to getting married, schedule a Prenuptial Interview with your preferred officiant; either the Pastor Fr. Michael Forge or the Associate Pastor Fr. Daniel Rendon.

2. At the end of the interview, Father will work with you to select a wedding date.

3. The Family Life Coordinator will issue the FOCCUS instrument to the couple. This is an online questionnaire. This 156-item, research-based inventory assesses couples' agreement, disagreement, or indecision about statements related to important issues, such as communication, problem-solving, religion, family and friends, careers, cohabitation, parenting, sexuality, finances and more.

4. After the FOCCUS is complete, the Family Life Coordinator will assign a Sponsor Couple to work with the Engaged Couple. The two couples (Sponsor and Engaged) will meet at least 4 times over the course of 4-8 weeks in the home of the Sponsor Couple at the convenience of both couples.

5. Occasionally, the Family Life Coordinator will recommend that the Engaged Couple attend an Engaged Encounter weekend in place of the Sponsor Couple program. This is done primarily when the Engaged Couple lives in another city or has extreme scheduling difficulties. 

The Following Paperwork is Needed

  • Baptismal Certificates: Bride and Groom will each need to provide a recent copy of their baptismal record. These may be obtained by contacting the church where he or she was baptized. Ask for a baptismal record “with notations.” Baptismal record must be dated within 6 months of the prenuptial interview.

  • Witness Affidavit of Freedom to Marry: Bride and Groom will each need to submit a Witness Affidavit of Freedom to Marry form (provided by the parish). This form must be filled out by a family member or friend who has known the bride/groom for at least 10 years. A parent is preferred. IMPORTANT – The family member or friend must sign the form in the presence of a priest, deacon or parish employee. This may be done at Mary Immaculate or at any other Catholic Church that is convenient to the witness. Parish seal must be affixed to the form after signing.

  • Marriage License: Bride and Groom must provide the parish with a Marriage License issued by the State. Marriage Licenses may be obtained by the couple up to 90 days before, but up to no less than 72 hours before the marriage ceremony. The couple must provide the license to Mary Immaculate by no later than the day before the marriage ceremony. 

Fee/Offering Schedule

  • $300 Church use ($500 for non-parishioners)

  • $50 Education fee 

  • $50 Diocesan fee

  • $50 Wedding Coordinator 

  • $200 Organist/Pianist 

  • $125 soloist (optional)* must contact the Director of music for additional music options (strings, brass, quartet, etc)

  • $200 Officiant offering 









Matrimony Contacts

Clara P. Carneiro
Dir. Family Life (English)
972.243.7104 x 226

Sonia Dimas
Dir. Hispanic Ministries (Spanish)
972.243.7104 x 228

Laura Medina
Asst. Hispanic Ministries (Spanish)
972.243.7104 x 227

Is Your Date Available? 

Want to know if your desired date is available prior to beginning the process? Email Clara Carneiro to inquire for English speaking weddings, and Laura Medina for a service in Spanish. NOTE: NO DATES ARE BOOKED OR HELD UNTIL THE COUPLE HAS COMPLETED A PRE-NUPTIAL INTERVIEW AT THE PARISH.

Need More Help?

Wedding Preparation Documents