Liturgical Ministries

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Here at Mary Immaculate we offer one vigil Saturday Mass and seven Sunday Masses, serving approximately 4,000 Mass attendees every weekend. Praise be to God, we are very busy! Our Masses, lead by the priest and fully participated in by the congregation, are enriched by the reverent volunteers that help to make it  "Heaven on Earth," as "we celebrate on Earth is a mysterious participation in the heavenly liturgy" (Pope John Paul II). 

Prayerfully consider volunteering your time to participate in these ministries. 

It is in giving that we receive.
— St. Francis of Assisi

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Altar linens

Volunteers sign up for a two week period to wash and iron the purificators and towels used during the daily Mass. To learn more contact [Adelae Tomlinson]. 


Altar Servers

Volunteers assist the priest and deacon in the celebration of the mass liturgy. We welcome all boys and girls who have completed 3rd grade to serve in this ministry. All ministers must go through training prior to their service.  To sign up for training, or to get on the Altar Server schedule, contact Gena Worsham or the Church Office.


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Volunteers bring Jesus to the people at Mass or outside of Mass for those who are sick and cannot attend Mass. To receive training and begin volunteering, please contact [Jeanette Feyor click HERE.

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Lectors are trained readers who proclaim the Word of God to us during Mass. Lectors should be both baptized and confirmed  Catholics. To sign up for training and to get on the Lector rotation list, contact [Jeanette Fey].

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Music Ministry

Here at Mary Immaculate, we are intentional about engaging each parishioner so they can sing their way to heaven. If you would like to join one of our choirs or be part of the music ministry in any other way, please contact our Director of Music, [Darrell St. Romain].



Volunteers prepare for each Mass by cleaning and setting out what is needed for the service.  This includes vessels, appropriate amounts of hosts and wine, the linens, and candles. For more information, contact [Jeanette Fey]. 

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Hospitality Ushers

Volunteers greet and welcome the community as they gather, help keep order and gather our gifts at the presentation of the gifts during Mass. Email [Jeanette Fey] to learn more.  

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Hospitality Greeters

The Hospitality Greeter Family ministry is a ministry for the whole family!  The purpose of the ministry is to help Mary Immaculate fulfill its vision to be One by welcoming every person who enters our parish home. The family serves together, allowing for parents to actively pass on the faith to their children in a hands-on environment and for other families to begin to build relationships with those in the ministry. To learn more, please contact [Ashley Lange].



Welcomes new members to the Catholic Faith. Through a series of prayers, teachings, reflections and finally sacramental celebrations, people who were never baptized, or who were baptized into another tradition, are welcomed into full membership. Volunteers are needed all along the way as catechists who present various aspects of our faith, sponsors who companion each candidate individually,  and team members who help with hospitality or any variety of other tasks. Contact [Adelae Tomlinson] to learn more.