Pray for Healing & Sanctification

healing of victims - Sanctification of Priests

I have asked all parishes of the diocese to pray the rosary before every Mass throughout the month of October... for the healing of all victims and the sanctification of priests
— Bishop Edward Burns, Diocese of Dallas

Bishop Burns has invited the faithful to spend the month of October in prayer for the healing of clergy abuse victims and the sanctification of all priests. At Mary Immaculate, we will be embracing this time of prayer and reflection by praying the rosary before every Sunday Mass and hosting a Townhall Meeting, just as Bishop Burns has asked.

This call to prayer invites us deeper into [our Vision to be one] by binding us together in prayer for those among us who are suffering from a profound injustice and for the sanctification of all priests, especially those who are struggling in their ministry and have betrayed our trust.

Please join us as we unite ourselves to our Bishop and fellow Catholics across the diocese as we pray with renewed fervor for the tragedies suffered by the Body of Christ. Below are some of the ways that we as a community have committed to pray for the month of October.

Ways to Join


Pray the Rosary Before Mass on Sunday

Show up 20 minutes early to any Sunday Mass in October to pray the Rosary together as a community, just as Bishop Burns asks of all his faithful.


Attend the TownHall Meeting October 16th

A town hall meeting will be hosted by Bishop Burns at Mary Immaculate Catholic Church on Tuesday, October 16th. The evening will begin with prayer in the Church at 6:00pm to pray for the healing of Victims and the Sanctification of priests, followed by a “listening session”, in which the Bishop will listen to the voice of the people, at 7:00pm.


Fast from something small for the month

“This kind (of evil) can only come out through prayer and fasting.” Mark 9:29

Pick something to fast from for the month of October. This can be something simple, such giving up Netflix, fasting from listening to the radio in the car on the way to school or work, sodas, or foregoing adding condiments to your meal. For more ideas on small -yet profound - things to fast from, click [here], [here] and [here].