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Godparent Eligibility Form

before you begin

Selecting godparents for your child is an important part of the Baptism process. All godparents must be considered eligible. Review the requirements below to make sure your chosen godparents qualify. Then, have EACH godparent complete and submit the Godparent Eligibility Form. 

Requirements of a Godparent

  1. Must be a Christian (One Godparent must be a Catholic) 
  2. At least 16 years of age
  3. If Single, not cohabiting
  4. If married, marriage was celebrated in the Catholic Church
  5. If Catholic, participates in Sunday Mass and regularly takes communion
  6. Promises to give good Christian witness and pray for the child they are sponsoring  
  7. Must have received the Sacraments of First Eucharist and Confirmation

*This document is to be completed by the Godparent. 

Do you solemnly promise that you will give an honest and correct account for all of your answers here AND that you, the person completing this form, are the Godparent?
Name *
Address *
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Name of Person to be Baptized *
Name of Person to be Baptized
Date of Child's Baptism *
Date of Child's Baptism
From the Canon Law
Sponsors for the sacrament of Baptism must be Catholics who have been confirmed and received the Sacrament of the Eucharist. They must be in good standing with the Catholic Church and must lead a life in harmony with the faith in keeping with the function to be undertaken. (Cannon #874 & #893)

Have Questions?

What if my desired godparent isn't a Catholic? 

The Sacrament of Baptism requires that at least one godparent is a practicing Catholic. However, a second individual of the opposite gender can stand in as a Christian Witness during the Baptism. 

What if my desired godparent doesn't meet the qualifications of a godparent? 

We want your selected friend to be a godparent just as much as you do! We are more than happy to help prepare your desired godparent to meet the requirements, just be aware that it may delay your desired Baptismal date. Email [Clara Carneiro], the Director of Family Life, about your situation and we will gladly work with you to help your desired godparent complete his/her sacraments and other requirements prior to the Baptism. 

Can my godparent attend a Baptism Preparation Class at another Church? 

Yes! The godparent need only submit a copy of his/her completion certificate to [Clara Carneiro] prior to the Baptism. 

Can I have two godparents of the same gender?

No. Each person may have up to two godparents. One male. One female.

How can I sign up for a Baptism Class at Mary Immaculate? 

Each month, Mary Immaculate offers Baptism classes in both Spanish and English. To sign up for your class, click below.