This program is for children seven years old and older, who have not been Baptized. To Learn more about it [Click Here]  


If you need to make a change in the day or time of the class you must come to the office to request it. The requests by phone or fax will not be accepted.


  • The Religious Formation Office will call the student home after three consecutive absences, and after four consecutive unexcused absences, the student will be removed from the lists of attendance.
  • Students are expected to be on time for class.  If a student is late more than ten minutes, he/she is to report to the office for a tardy slip so we may keep an accurate record of absences.


If the Carrollton-Farmers Branch School District cancels the classes because of inclement weather, there will not be classes of Religious Formation.


  • If a student is disruptive, the teacher will correct the behavior. 
  • If poor behavior reoccurs, the child will be sent to the office. 
  • If the behavior continues, a parent will be asked to attend class with the student. 
  • If, after the above measures have been taken, a student continues to be disruptive, the student may be suspended and asked to work at home until such time as the teacher, parent and DRE feel the student is able to return to classes and maintain proper behavior. 
  • Apparel that is offensive, suggestive or distracting will not be allowed.  This includes short skirts, game boys or cell phones, and other items that show a lack of respect for one’s self and God. 
  • Offensive and disrespectful language will not be tolerated in the classroom or outside of it.

Course Content


  • In this grade the children learn to develop a positive attitude about themselves, this involves their family, friends; their surroundings, and discovering God’s given gifts to us as talents and aptitudes.
  • We also learn about God’s great love for us and we build up a friendship relationship with Jesus through the Reading of the Sacred Scripture, songs and prayers. 


The children learn that Jesus teaches us how God loves us, as our Father, and for which we are brothers and sisters sharing God’s love. 


  • In this grade the children learn that Jesus is always with us and that He calls us to conversion through the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) and Penance.   
  • We learn how Jesus gives himself to us through the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. In the Sacred Communion we live the experience of our catholic faith. 

Third Grade

  • In this grade the children learn the importance of the Church for all of us.  How Jesus gave us the Church to build a community of faith and how we become member of this through the Sacraments. 
  • The Church teaches us prayer and praise to God through the Sacraments; therefore responding to the call to be disciples of Jesus. 

Fourth Grade

  • In this grade the students will learn that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.
  • Throughout God’s Commandments, the students learn to form their conscience according with God’s Love as well with each other and ourselves.

Fifth Grade

In this grade the students will learn how Jesus shares his life with us through the seven Sacraments.Jesus teaches us to love and to serve one another as He did. 

Sixth Grade

  • In this grade the students will learn about God's covenant with his people.
  • Through the Old Testament Biblical Stories the students learn that this covenant is complete and fulfilled in Jesus as God's Son.